How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Before An Important Event – 6 Tips

By Subodh / May 19, 2013

If you have an exciting event soon and you have to deal with event management tasks, then you certainly know how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep prior to that particular event. Your mind starts to wander and you involuntarily create all sorts of scenarios in your head – especially if you are a perfectionist and you want the event to go smoothly. However, sleeping properly before the event is essential, as the lack of sleep can affect your attention and decrease your productivity. Here you will find several hints that will help you rest properly:

1. Relax Yourself Before Bed

If you have had a stressful day, it is important to do something relaxing, something you really enjoy doing and that will help you let off some steam. Thirty minutes of meditation or warm bubbly bath are perfect – on the other hand, some soothing music and a good book should do the trick! It is essential to understand that if you go to sleep stressed, you will wake up just as stressed in the morning – that, of course, if you manage to get some sleep during the night!

2. Keep Yourself Properly Hydrated

Drinking something warm will help you relax your muscles and fall asleep quicker. A glass of warm milk is a great choice – on the other hand, avoid drinks that are high in sugars or caffeine, as they will boost your energy levels and keep you awake the entire night.

3. Clear Your Mind

It has happened to all of us at least once to go to bed and to be unable to clear our mind – when we have an important event ahead of us, we tend to overthink about it and to be more pessimistic than we normally would. This is not only very counter-productive, but negative thinking is known to attract negative energy as well!

4. Stick To Your Regular Sleeping Schedule

Even if you are excited about the event and you feel like you simply can’t fall asleep no matter what you would do, go to bed at the same hour. If you try to sleep too early, your body will be confused – if you will try to fall asleep later, you may be too tired to “shut down”.

5. Don’t Auto-Exhaust Yourself

Some people notice that if they sleep less, they will feel more energized the next day – this happens because those few hours of sleep are very intense and energizing. However, do not try this experiment the night before an important event and don’t stay up too late, otherwise you risk to be tired!

6. Don’t Look At Something Too Exciting

Last, but not least, if you watch a good movie or you look at TV before you go to bed and you see an interesting debate, your mind will tend to process that information over and over again, preventing you from falling asleep. This is why it is recommended not to look at anything too exciting before you try to fall asleep! If you take into consideration these simple yet handy tips, you will be able to rest properly before a big event!