How To Get Rid of A Drug Addict

By Subodh / July 18, 2010

Drug addiction is not an issue to be taken lightly and it is a very real and serious part of many people’s lives. Not only does it affect the addict themselves, but it also has an impact on their family and friends. There are rehab centres and clinic that aim to help but sadly this doesn’t always work. If you are struggling with having a drug addict in your life there are ways and means to manage.

Educate yourself

Most people are afraid of things because they don’t understand what it is all about. In order to deal with a drug addict you have to understand what it is that they are involved with and how it has affected them. Get involved with campaigns that deal with drug awareness and education. Know what the common drugs are in your area and get a list of what the addict has used. By knowing more about each one you can better understand its effect. This will also help later on when it comes time to wonder whether they are using again.

Don’t take it lightly

Sure, people experiment with drugs at parties, but this doesn’t mean that it is something to be taken lightly. These “experiments” are often the beginnings of a full blown addiction. If you find them doing drugs for whatever reason make sure you address it with the seriousness that it deserves. It is best to nip this before it spirals out of control. Once someone is hooked it is extremely difficult for them to get back on track and stay clean.

Find the root cause

Most of the time people don’t just do drugs for the fun of it. At the root of many drug addictions is a serious problem. The first thing you have to do is look for the cause and try to resolve it. The most common problems have to do with broken homes, financial problems and relationship issues. For younger people it is peer pressure that gets them experimenting and becoming addicted. Some may even have a history of substance abuse, making it easier to fall into the trap all over again.

Get help

Drug abuse is a complex problem and few people can deal with it alone. You have to get help. This will involve therapy in individual sessions as well as group sessions. The family will also be called in to help facilitate the change and resolve problems.