How To Get Rid Of A Third Wheel

A third wheel can be annoying if the person is around all the time. In this case, we are talking about how a girlfriend wants to get rid of her boyfriend’s friend who is ALWAYS around.

How does a woman go about this without causing friction between herself and her man? It is going to take careful communication on her end so her boyfriend is not going to feel as if he cannot have a life.

Here are some tips on how to deal with a third wheel:

Find a good time to ask your boyfriend if he feels content with the amount of alone time you and him share together. If he says no that is an invitation to ask him if he can negotiate with his friend at least a few nights a week away.

If your boyfriend says he is content with the time together still tell him your feelings and say maybe that you would at least like one more evening alone with him per week, for example.

What ever you do be careful to choose your words carefully. Ask for what you want from your boyfriend without accusing him of not caring. Usually a man respects a woman more if she just asks for what she needs and does not whine, complain, or nag about it.

Arrange a night out with you and your boyfriend and his friend, and introduce him to some women. The hope here is that he will meet a woman and then have less time to annoy you and your boyfriend. He will then not invade the private time you would want as a couple.

Be assertive with the third wheel when you and your boyfriend need time alone. If you need to, do not answer the door or phone. However, if he at least respects you when you say you and your boyfriend need time alone then it pays off to just be assertive.

If the third wheel is living with you and your boyfriend and he never gives you time alone, kick him out. It can be hard for a man to choose between his best friend and his girlfriend. There may be a time when nothing else will work to set boundaries with the third wheel especially if he is living with you and your boyfriend.

This is a time to take action. Yeah, the best friend of your boyfriend may be offended but he will get over it. At some point he may actually thank you because some day he will find someone he really loves and then he will finally understand.