How To Get Rid of Backseat Drivers

By Subodh / August 17, 2010

A backseat driver is a person who treats you like you’ve never driven before or you have never had your license. They tell you where to go or they may constantly question your judgment even though you may be one of the best drivers.

They may do this because perhaps they do not have a license or a car. They may also do this because it is a way for them to take the focus of themselves and put it on another person.

Examples of Backseat Driving

A backseat driver may do one of a number of things while you drive. They may tell you about all kinds of shortcuts at every intersection you pass or turn on. They might tell you about the very powerful car they used to have while comparing it with yours.

They may constantly tell you to speed up or slow down even if you are going the speed limit. Worse and last of all, they may continuously criticize every move you make as if they are trying to teach you.

Some Suggestions

Dealing with a backseat driver, especially if it is someone who is a regular passenger, can be a bit stressful. It can even be dangerous and cause you to lose your concentration.

Learning how to get rid of a backseat driver can be done while following one of these suggestions:

Just ignore the person. Maybe you can hum a tune to yourself or wear a pear of headphones that have music playing at a low volume while you drive. (The low-level volume of music is much less annoying!)

Change the subject abruptly. If you think of something to talk about that can take the focus off of your driving that can help make you less nervous. It also can help the backseat driver to stop focusing on you so much and causing you to lose your concentration.

Give your drive a magazine or book. If it is a regular passenger, make sure you know exactly what kind of reading material would interest him or her. This hopefully will shut the person up or get the person to stop telling you what to do.

Confront them directly. You can set some rules such as no rude comments or criticisms and give them examples of things they say to you that hurts you. Tell them if they keep trying to tell you how to drive especially if they do not have a care or license tell them they are going to have to find another way to get to where they have to go.