How To Get Rid of Bad Drivers

Roads are a pleasure to drive on, on most days. At other times you will encounter the driver from hell that will just throw you off the deep end. There are ways and means to deal with these drivers.

What is a bad driver?

To deal with them you have to understand what they are. There are many different types of bad drivers. There are the speedsters that are hell bent on breaking every speed limit ever set. This is either because they are in a rush or impatient, or they want to show off how fast their cars can go. Then there are those who keep going from one lane to another, which can be dangerous in bad weather. Then there are the really slow road hogs that keep traffic up, and those that overuse their hooters and sirens. The ultimate bad driver has got to be the drunk driver, who could easily be a combination of bad drivers all in one.

Avoid them

If you encounter a bad driver, make sure that you stay away from them. There is no use trying to confront them. They won’t change their bad driving just because another car approached them. It is even worse to try and compete with them because this will just get you into an accident. Give way for them when they come speeding past, or stay in the slow lane if they are determined to race to the finish.

Don’t be a hero

Many drivers feel that if they confront the car they will stop driving badly. The truth is this will only end badly for you. Your car may be damaged far beyond just a few dents and broken lights. You must remember that this isn’t the live version of a video game where you can just head over and fix things. You could end up injured.

Get the law involved

Bad drivers pose a risk to hundreds of people on the roads and it is just matter of time before they lead to destruction or even death. It is your duty to report them to the local authorities. You have to provide your name, location, the nature of the offense, the type of car and plate number, as well as any unique identifying marks. Don’t try and get involved any more, it is up to the police to take it further and decide what to do.