How To Get Rid of Bad Karma

You may have heard that saying, “What goes around comes around.” This is referring to that however you treat people at one point people will treat you the same way.

This means if you treat people mean or you are very judgmental, selfish, or unkind they will treat you this way. If you do not trust them, or you want to cause trouble eventually trouble will find you.

Some Self-Reflection

One way to stop experiencing so many bad things happening to you is to just examine yourself. Recognize your own faults and do what you can to change yourself.

Do not try to change other people. Learn new ways of communicating with others and ask anyone you have hurt in the past to forgive you.

Making Changes

You can get rid of karma by making small changes. Some suggestions for you are presented below:

  • Stop trying to explain yourself or defend yourself. When someone criticizes you try to just not worry so much about what they think. If you have too negative of friends that put you down all the time it may be time to make new friends.
  • If you want others to overlook your faults, you should overlook theirs. Choose your battles very carefully and do not start arguments about things that in eternity do not matterTry to empathize with others. If you can imagine what it would be like to be another person who gets on your nerves then maybe you can begin to develop a greater understanding between you and that person.
  • Be humble. Do not think you are above it all and that everyone else is beneath you. If you act this way you will eventually have fewer and fewer friends. This does not mean you should allow yourself to be taken advantage of, but it is a thought that will help you.
  • Set healthy boundaries. This will help keep peace in your life. You can do this without hating others and lashing out at them. You can be friendly while still maintaining your personal space.
  • Learn the art of saying, “I’m sorry.” This is not always enough but it does help others recognize that you do have a conscience and that even if you said or did something hurtful that you know it was wrong.
  • Try as often as possible to have a positive outlook on life. Being as optimistic possible draws people closer to you rather than pushing you away.