How To Get Rid Of Bad Manners

You should be using good manners at all places in life. Bad manners can be inappropriate in many places. You can be portrayed as a lesser person if you use bad manners.

However, you might be participating in these bad manners without noticing them. You can still learn good manners. You should use a few standards in mind when getting rid of bad manners and replacing them with good manners.

Think about the situation

You should take a look at the situation you are in. Good manners are necessary in many places. You may not have to use good manners in a place like a house party, a fast-food restaurant or a place where you are expected to be honest. You will need to use proper manners if you are going to other places.

At home

You can get rid of bad manners at home by doing many things. You can clean up after yourself and do all of your chores. You can say “please” and “thank you” at home too. Sharing things at home is also important. You should also avoid entering rooms that are not yours without the permission of those who are in those rooms.

At the table

You should stop chewing food with your mouth open at the dinner table. All utensils should be used properly unless you do not have any available. It also helps to ask for condiments and other things politely. You should not talk with your mouth open either. Don’t forget to eat the right amount of food without eating too much or too little.

Talking on the phone

Talk clearly when you talk on the phone. Be sure to answer the phone within three rings as well. It also helps to be polite if you have to take a message for someone. Try not to allow a phone call to last longer than necessary either.

When in public

There are many good manners to follow when in public. You should also follow lines and never cut in any line in public. You should also throw your trash out in proper areas. Be respectful to people and never talk to strangers.

At the office or school

Be sure to turn your cell phone off when at an important function. Always get to work or class on time. Be sure to use plenty of respect to others at the workplace or school as well. Don’t forget to stay friendly even if you are having a bad day.

Start early and set an example

You should see that you are behaving properly in front of others. You should teach others to act politely just like you are. You can also teach your children about these lessons at an early age.