How To Get Rid of Childish People

It is perfectly acceptable for an adult to want to act like a child again. Go ahead and eat some cotton candy or ride on a “kiddie” ride at the amusement park (if you can fit on the ride).

However, childish behavior and silliness has its time and place. You can even joke around at work once in awhile but not ALL the time. Furthermore, there is time for play but not ALL the time.

Types of Immaturity

One class of very immature and childish people is those that never seem to hold down a job. They think life is a free ride and they are always depending upon others while making almost no effort to improve their own lives.

A third group are the types of people that may have a conscious at least but they push other’s buttons all the time. Maybe they put others down and tell cruel racist jokes or they are always making lewd comments or telling people what to do or just acting silly all the time.

The third group of people might also be the types of persons who gossip all the time. They might be busybodies and even always need to be the center of attention, or they may feel the need to always make fun of people.

Dealing with Immaturity

It can be hard sometimes for the average person not to get irritated or angry every time an immature or childish person crosses their path. There is a better way to deal with immature people versus yelling at them or otherwise lashing out at them.

Use the following suggestions for learning how to get rid of immature people:

Ignore foolish, silly, or hurtful behavior. For instance, if someone is acting silly at work while you are trying to get your work done just pretend the person is not there. If the person is trying to make fun of you pretend that person is not there.

Treat them like babies. For instance, maybe compulsively give to them even though they do not even need the favors you are doing for them. The immature and childish person will hopefully at some point get the picture and realizes how babyish they really are.

Confront the childish person directly. Tell the person that he or she is acting in a very immature person and ask the person to stop. They may just never have been told that what they are doing is uncomfortable or annoying to others. They may surprise you and actually apologize for the behaviors and stop.

Do not tell them what to do. Part of the reason a person is immature is because they may have always had other people make their decisions for them. Do not tell that person what to do or how to live their lives. Let the person make his or her own mistakes and let the person better his or her own life.

Give the person a taste if his or her own medicine. For instance, if a person makes fun of you constantly start making fun of them back at least temporarily. You do not want to get into the habit of always doing this, but to a person who does it to you maybe they will finally get the picture.