How To Get Rid of Dad’s Girlfriend

By Subodh / June 30, 2012

Your dad might be dating someone behind your mother’s back or might even be trying to get into a closer relationship with someone who you feel might be harmful to him over time and to your relationship with him. You need to do a few things if you want to get rid of his girlfriend. These things have to be done if you want to keep your relationship with him under control.

  • Talk with your dad about the situation. You need to talk with him so you can share your emotions about what is going on. The key is to state that his relationship with another woman is going to hurt your relationship with him.
  • Be calm when you are trying to confront your dad. You have to be sure that your dad is comfortable and clearly understands what you need out of a relationship with him. Being calm is the best way to get your message out when you have a problem.
  • Talk with your mother if applicable. You need to let her know about the situation so she can help you confront your dad.
  • Talk with the girlfriend about what is going on. The girlfriend might become sensitive about the situation and might begin to notice that a relationship that she is having with your father might prove to be risky.
  • Try not to respect the girlfriend in the situation. You should not be overly hostile. Just giving the cold shoulder is a suggestion that you are not going to be much of a hassle. This has to be done if you want to keep yourself comfortable.
  • Remind your dad why he fell in love with your mother to begin with. You should state that the woman that he is trying to get in touch with is not as impressive as the one that he married in the first place. Sometimes this might make it a little easier for you to get a better relationship going between your parents.
  • Sometimes you might want to let the situation run for a bit. In some cases your dad might begin to see his girlfriend for something completely different. This is especially the case if he is dating someone who is much younger than he is. Sometimes he will want to get out of the relationship if it is very rocky or he begins to learn more about who he is dating.

Getting rid of your dad’s girlfriend is easy to do. You can make sure that your dad’s life is kept under control without emotionally hurting his girlfriend if you use these tips to keep things from going further that they have to. A relationship that goes too far could have dramatic impacts on your life and the lives of your mom and dad alike. You need to keep this from being worse than it could possibly be.