How To Get Rid of Door-To-Door Salespeople

By Subodh / December 7, 2010

Door-to-door salespeople are people who will try and contact you directly from your house to sell you things. They can sell you things like encyclopedia sets or vacuum cleaners. These salespeople have become obsolete thanks to online shopping and increased access to retail sites. However, they can still come around in many places.

The problem with these salespeople is that they can be very bothersome. They can come around when you don’t want them around. They can also annoy you by being very persistent. They will do anything they can to make sales.

This does not mean that you have to put up with door-to-door salespeople. You can use a few tips to help with getting them out of your area.

Consider ordinances in your area

A Green River Ordinance could be posted in your area. This is an ordinance that states that door-to-door sales are illegal in your area. This includes sales from all types of solicitors. This is an ordinance that has become common in many areas since the town of Green River, Wyoming passed it. You should look to see if an ordinance like this is in your area.

Be calm

You should be polite to the salesperson that comes to your door. A polite response will be enough to show that you are not interested in what a salesperson has to offer. This is nicer than just yelling and slamming the door on the person.

Put up a sign

A simple “No Solicitations” sign on your front door can help. This can state that you do not want people to try and sell you things in your home. It is a friendly and simple note that you can use.

Get on the “Do Not Call” list

Getting on a registry that tells solicitors not to call you can help. This is useful because a telemarketer might try and call you before trying to send a salesperson to your door. Keeping a call from occurring may help you to keep a salesperson from getting into your area.

Call local authorities

There can be cases where a salesperson might loiter around your property and refuse to leave. You will need to call the local authorities in this case. You will need to report that the person is trespassing on your property.

Offer something to a salesperson

You could also consider offering a light snack to a salesperson. This is a nice way of saying that you care about the person even if you are not interested in what that person has to offer. This will help to get the salesperson to feel more comfortable and to leave you alone. This is a good idea because the door-to-door practice of selling things can be tough and grueling.