How To Get Rid of Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating may seem like a gray area in some relationships. What is really considered too much and when and how does it stop?

The first step in resolving emotional cheating issues is in understanding what it is. Then, it involves understanding where the boundary lines are in relationships.

What is Emotional Cheating?

It is the act of spending more time with another person than your spouse for the purpose of sharing very deep and intimate thoughts. It would be equated to dating someone without having sex.

It involves spending too much alone time with someone usually of the opposite sex, but it could be someone of the save sex as well. It is different if you are single and you are dating casually.

However, if you are in a long-term and committed relationship confiding in others about deep and personal things is not a good idea. If you are married this is something that should be stopped right away.

Of course, for every married couple the boundary lines are different. You and your spouse have to discuss this. However, the above explanation is a general definition of emotional cheating.

How can emotional cheating be stopped?

The main reason that emotional cheating exists is because the communication between the two people in the marriage has stopped. This could be for whatever reason-too busy with the kids or opposite work shifts.

Regardless of the reason the emotional cheating has started there needs to be a way to fix it. Some tips on how to get rid of emotional cheating are included in the following steps:

1. Talk honestly with one another. If you are out of practice communicating heart-to-heart without your spouse maybe research tips on how to share your thoughts and feelings with your significant other.

2. Set boundaries. Make sure you do not spend time alone with people other than your spouse that you would be emotionally drawn to. This is where the trouble always starts. You and your partner need to agree as to what the boundaries should be.

3. Go out more often together. Chances are if you spend more time together again like you did in your dating years and before you were married it can re-ignite the emotional connection between the two of you.

4. Forgive one another. If one or both of you has been guilty of seeking too much attention from others outside your marriage forgive one another. Try to start anew without blaming and work to draw close to one another again.