How To Get Rid of Gang Members

Gang members are everywhere and with them come unsavoury practices like crimes and vandalism. Getting rid of them would mean getting rid of a small bit of crime as well as graffiti on the walls. This ultimately makes the world a better place in which to live and leaves citizens feeling safe on the street. Getting rid of gang members has never been an easy task but it is indeed possible.

The people in power

The people in power are responsible for the decisions that affect how you live and work. In this case it is up to the politicians to come to the table. They are elected and put into power by the people and it is only right to look out for and protect the people at large. More laws and regulations need to be put into place to deal with gangs. More gang members should be arrested and jailed for the crimes that they commit. Prisons should not be made to be mini holiday resorts. There shouldn’t be cable and other lovely amenities of luxury lives while good people are suffering.


People need to be educated about gangs. This is particularly important for children, as they are often the targets of gangs to one day become members. Children need to know what gangs are all about and what the pros and cons of being in one are. This could be done through programs during or after school by reformed gang members or policemen. This will make these programs more real and interesting to the children.

Anti-gang campaigns

With anti-gang initiatives it is not only the people on power that can have a say on how gangs are dealt with. With these campaigns communities are encouraged to get actively involved in the fight against gangs by monitoring the law enforcement agencies. With the help of new technology and partnerships with other groups in the area, more hotspots have been located and more gang members have been arrested.

Family involvement

Families are important when it comes to ridding the streets of gangs. Many gang members have families who they love and get direction from .It is up to their family members to try and help them find the right path and leave these gangs. Families should instill good values in their children from a young age and teach their children about the dangers that come with being in a gang.