How To Get Rid of Girlfriends

Have you heard of the song “Fifty Ways to Lose Your Lover” by Simon and Garfunkel? The song was very good, but it did not really tell the fifty ways. But if you listen to it, there were three ways only: drop off the key, slip out the back, and hop on a bus. Come to think of it, those three are all part of one very common way to get rid of your girlfriend, known as the “cut and run” method. But this scheme will give you a few consequences. If you and your girlfriend have mutual friends, they will have to choose a side and both of you will lose some set of friends. Gaining an enemy is also inevitable. So what is a better way to get rid of your girlfriend?

There will be a time when things won’t work out in relationships. Sometimes the romance just comes along when both sides have the same body chemistry. And if the passion is no longer there, one or either both sides will have nothing to do with each other anymore. That’s the time when you have to take a good look at your relationship—is it worth keeping? If you see a break-up in the near future, look back and think of a few reasons why you had a girlfriend in the first place. What is a girlfriend to you—a lover, a partner, or a second banana?

If your ultimate goal is to find a lifelong partner, you will have to encounter a few women of your type to find her. After getting to know a woman and finding out she’s not what you’re looking for, you have to get rid of her. What are ways to have a clean break-up?

  1. Choose the right place. Don’t take her out in a romantic place. By doing so, she implies that this is another one of your best dates—and no ‘break-up’ thought will occur to her. However, breaking up with her through e-mail, phone call, or text message is not a good idea either. Do it personally so both of you can understand each other. Break the news to her in a public place so she will be conscious that there are people around her and she can’t react in such a way of crying, pleading, or hitting you.
  2. Take the blame. When something goes wrong, both men and women usually have the tendency to blame something or someone else—we don’t take credit for our mistakes. Don’t destroy the girl’s self-esteem or cause her to be angry, hateful or defensive. Tell her she didn’t do anything wrong, and that it is all your fault.
  3. Be strong. You have to take stand on your decision. You are not going to get rid of her if your idea is to cool off. After breaking up with her and taking the blame, clearly tell her that it’s over and there’s nothing else she can do about it. Stick to what you said.
  4. Stay away. Avoid contact with each other for at least a few months. Give her some time to stop thinking about you and what you had when you were together. If you start talking again too early, there are greater chances that you’d fall for each other again. Wait for the time when she starts to date again and find another boyfriend, while you date and find another. Once you do, you can try to be friends with her again—just friends.