How To Get Rid of In-Laws

After getting married to the person you’ve been waiting for your whole life, you are now probably the happiest being on the planet, ready for their happily ever after. But now that you are married, the relationship is not only between the two of you, but between the six of you: you, your spouse, your parents and your spouse’s parents.

If you get on a fight with your in-laws, it does not involve the two or the three of you. It also becomes a fight between you and your spouse—because these are your spouse’s parents for crying out loud. So how do you get rid of your in-laws?

  • If your in-law has gone over the top, have a sit down talk with your spouse. Explain to him or her that the in-law ship has gone overboard. You have decided that their behavior towards you cannot be tolerated any longer; and that you want to spend some time and space away from them. But make sure that you and your spouse agree on everything that you talk about, or else this becomes a reason for coming between your spouse and his/her parents.
  • If your spouse wants to maintain a relationship with your in-laws, that is okay. This is tolerable especially if you have children. But remember that making a relationship with your in-laws and rubbing it in, just because your spouse does, won’t work. Just always be sure that you and your spouse understand and agree with each other to avoid any argument toward both families.
  • Try to properly reason out with your in-laws and point out to them that you are married to their son or daughter, and that you expect them to be supportive or at least get along with each other.
  • Try to avoidance technique. Don’t smile, say hi, or greet them with a good-morning. Don’t answer their phone calls. Don’t visit them. Ignore your in-laws. Avoid them completely.
  • Get divorced.

Sorry to say, there are not so many ways to totally get rid of your in-laws. The best thing to consider is that you and your spouse are always on the same page when it comes to this matter, since both of your parents are on the line. Remember that your in-laws are your spouse’s parents and are or will be your children’s grandparents; your relationship with them deserves respect. They are your family.