How To Get Rid of Messy Roommates

A messy roommate can be bothersome. That person can cause your place to look dirty and even give you a bad name. However, you can get your messy roommate to stop being so messy.

Set an example

You can set an example for your messy roommate by being as clean as possible. You can do this by being organized in all areas of the house. You can put your things away in their right spots. You can keep everything in your living area in proper order. Making your bed each morning can also help. You can even wash your dishes after you eat from them.

Staying clean will help you to get a point across to your roommate. This will get your roommate to see how a clean live can be a good life.

Create rules

A few ground rules in the living area can help. You should create rules that you and your roommate can both agree on. This is so you can ensure that your place will be clean without your roommate being too hostile towards you.

You should use many ideas when getting these rules set up. For example, you can set a rule stating that eating should only be done in a proper dining area. You can also set rules on where personal items can be stored. Weekly cleaning jobs should also be scheduled.

You should make sure that all of these rules are simple and easy to understand. They should be fair and easy to remember. It also helps to place information on these rules in easy to understand places around your place.

How a confrontation should go

Confronting your roommate over this problem can help. You can do this by explaining why a messy lifestyle is unprofessional, annoying or dangerous. You should also talk about how you are irritated by some of the messes that your mate can leave around.

Reverse psychology may work

Sometimes your roommate might think that you’ll do all the cleaning. Reverse psychology can help you to correct that. You can encourage your mate to start cleaning by being just as messy. This can help you to keep your living space clean.

If all else fails…

You might have to leave your place and move somewhere else if you cannot get anything to work. This is unfortunate but you will at least avoid the health risks of a dirty living space. In fact, this might encourage your former roommate to change one’s habits.

These are all ideas to consider when trying to get your roommate to stop being so dirty. They should be used as a means of making your living space a better place for you and your mate to live in.