How To Get Rid of Scammers

By Subodh / August 7, 2010

There are numerous business scams out there. However, you can prevent from become a victim of money-making fraud and you can learn how to get rid of scammers. All you have to do is learn how to avoid them and learn how to identify them.

Types of Scams

One of the most common types of scams is the pyramid scheme. This is a corrupt form of multi-level marketing in which no real product or service is being sold.

All that you do is pass money around and usually the only people who make any money are the ones at the top of the pyramid. It is not a real structure like a legitimate multi-level marketing company where you are given help and support to make money.

Other types of money-making scams involve the advertiser saying you can make large sums of money with very little effort and very little investment. They even say it is a better place to invest versus banks or other “prime” investment opportunities.

One of the other types of money-making scams is those delivered by e-mail. Often the scammer will tug on your emotions saying you will get a return on a certain large sum of money if you cash a bogus check. Be careful.

Other kinds of business and money-making scams are those that often involved complicated recruitment and payout structures. If it does not seem too straightforward you should avoid it.

Scam Prevention Tips

  • Preventing scams is highly possible. You just have to know how to do it. These helpful tips can lead you on your way to not becoming a money-making scam victim:
  • Investigate the company. A little bit of diligent research can take you a long way. You should know that the company that you deal with has a solid financial background. You should also know that the truly are in the business of helping others succeed.
  • Contact a customer service agent before buying into a business opportunity. If they are helpful and willing to ask all your tough questions, chances are they are legitimate. Find out as well if they have telephone contact information and/or a physical address.
  • Be careful what affiliate programs you participate in. If it is an affiliate program, stick to one that allows you to make a profit without having to pay a fee to join. Beware of a company that makes you pay just to put their link on your site promising you will make big bucks from commission.
  • Never expect overnight results. Never expect overnight results no matter how convincing a business opportunity seems to be.