How To Get Rid of Slackers

Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins. Another word for sloth is laziness, and a person who is lazy is often called a slacker.

One place a person may often slack off in is at work. This could be for a number of reasons, and this issue needs to be address. It needs to be addressed as soon as possible because a team is only as good as its laziness, least productive member.

Motivational Tips

These motivational tips are for managers who deal with people who seem to lack motivation. These people may even show up for work late every day, call in sick or worse yet not show up occasionally.

Learn more about how to get rid of slackers:

  • Sometimes a person may be slacking off because they are unsure of their work responsibilities. This might mostly be the case in entry-level jobs or other jobs such as restaurant work that does not require extensive educational backgrounds. Ask the slacker if they understand what they are supposed to do and find a way to encourage them to do it.
  • Have a disciplinary program as well as an incentive program. One that provides a balance between rewarding good attendance and promptness while discouraging lateness and no-shows would do wonders.
  • Sometimes people may slack of only once in awhile or perhaps for only a few days at a time and then regain productiveness. This could be a result of some kind of clinical depression or other personal problems. Be a listening ear and if possible encourage the person to seek counseling or have them take a vacation.
  • Confront the slacker in an honest way if the person is slowing the entire team down. Take disciplinary measures against a worker who continues to be unproductive. Perhaps a verbal or written warning or suspension and then at the very worst warm the person of possible termination.
  • Try to explain to a slacker the importance of his or her role at work. This will help the person understand the impact his/her work has. This will encourage the worker that his or her work means something.
  • Reward good efforts and excellent performance. Maybe provide incentives and inspiration that will help all workers want to be more productive.

Of course, not all slackers can be reformed. At some point you may have to decide to fire the person or at least send the person home for the day and think of the value of their job. Not everyone is going to appreciate an honest day’s work for honest pay though.