How To Get Rid of Someone You Are Not Interested

Have you ever been in a situation where someone does not get the message that you are not interested in him? It is easy to tell a stranger to get lost but what if that someone is a friend or coworker of yours? Depending on how the person is related to you, here are various ways to handle this kind of situation.

A stranger

If you ever meet a Darrell (MADtv reference) in the movie theater asking for your number, just tell him your boyfriend is getting you Mike and Ikes. Telling him you are single is interpreted by him as you are flirting with him. Going in circles trying to reject him or ending this not-meant-to-be fate in less than five seconds? You do the math.

Helpful tips:

  • Stay close to your friends. It is difficult for him to talk to you alone when you are with your friends. When he sees that you are not paying attention to him, he’ll leave you alone.
  • Don’t let him buy you a drink. Accepting his drink is the same as saying “Yes, I am interested.” If you are not interested, don’t let him buy you anything!
  • Go to places he can’t follow. If he starts following you, take a trip to the ladies’ room. Worst comes to worst, leave the place.

A friend’s friend

If the individual showing interest in you is a friend’s friend, you have to handle the situation differently because you don’t want to make it awkward for your friend. Don’t expect your friend to be your messenger unless your friend prefers to break the bad news to his friend.

A coworker

If your coworker is buying you coffee and offering you a ride home, you better set him straight from one day before this gets complicated. Talk to your coworker and let him know that you do not wish to date someone you work with.texts

Helpful tips:

  • Ask if he’s going to be there. Find out if he’s going to be at the group gathering for a heads up. Ask the host if you can bring a friend. When he sees that you are with someone, he’ll be less likely to approach you.
  • Don’t respond to his calls or texts. Even if you received his text, don’t be in a rush to reply back. It is mutual understanding that if someone does not respond, that person is not interested.
  • Look at his eyes and tell him directly. People take your words more serious when you make eye contact with them. Four golden words, “I am not interested.”

A close friend

If your close friend asks you to be his girlfriend and you are positively sure you are not interested, just tell him how you feel. After all, he is your close friend who understands you well. Sometimes your reply may cost you a friend but at least you are not stopping him from finding someone who likes him back.

Helpful tips:

  • Avoid hanging out 1-1. If he asks to hang out or to catch up just kindly reject him. After doing that for a couple of times, he’ll get the message that you don’t want to hang out with him.
  • Give him a reason. No, don’t give him a lame reason and don’t point out his flaws. Simply tell him he is not a good match for you or you like someone else.
  • Don’t let him cross the line. Never ever let him cross the line. You placed him in the friend zone. Your second challenge is to keep him there.

Don’t let him cross the line