How To Get Rid of The Teachers Pet

When you were young you will have noticed that kids gave teachers gifts in a bid to be nice and courteous, but as you get older this practice is not viewed as such at all. Instead it is the mark of a teacher’s pet. These are people that do anything to get into the teacher’s good books so that they can further their academics. They can become downright annoying when they start to impact on your classroom experience.

Identifying the teacher’s pet

Sometimes who you may think is a teacher’s pet is just an all round nice student who does well in their work in their own right. There are some ways to identify whether they are actually teacher’s pet. They are always looking to impress the teacher by asking endless amounts of questions or always making insightful comments. These pets look for every gap they can get to spend time with the teacher. They are often involved in the teacher’s personal affairs, which extends beyond the realm of professionalism. The teacher’s pet always does special favours for the teacher or gives them gifts. End of year gifts are not uncommon, but to give a gift to a teacher for no reason is clearly dodgy.

Ignoring the teacher’s pet

There are a number of students in the class so it will be easy to just ignore the teacher’s pet. If someone wants to impress the teacher for whatever reason it is their choice. Unless they are interfering with you somehow then you should just ignore them. Focus on your work and do what is necessary to achieve. The teacher’s pet will get their just rewards and you will find that after a while they will rely on impressing the teacher so much for their marks that they will start to slack academically.

The confrontation

There are some circumstances that warrant a confrontation. This includes instances where you feel that the teacher is giving them higher marks because of the special relationship that they have, if the rest of your class feels the same way, and if the teacher’s pet causes undue interruption of teaching in the class. When confronting teacher’s pet be polite but direct and explain how their actions are impeding on your academics. There is no need to get violent or aggressive. Trying it the nice way first is the best place to start to avoid a huge scandal.