How To Get Rid of Unruly Fans

If you are in a bad and want to play concerts you should watch for how you are going to be dealing with different fans at a concert. These can include harmful fans that might ruin the fun of a show. You will need to use a couple of ideas in mind when working on getting rid of unruly fans from a concert.

Set some rules

You will need to prepare a few rules when getting a concert ready. For example, you should make sure that the only people who can get in are people with tickets. Also, people who are drunk or have been influenced by drugs should not be allowed into a concert venue. Knives, guns and other weapons should be prohibited too. It is also important to state that all fans that disrupt the concert will be pulled from the venue immediately.

Security is important

You will need to get some security officers out to your show. You should get some guards like bouncers out to your show. These bouncers can help you to keep people in check and to ensure that no one is going to be in trouble. It may help to get bouncers to dress in street clothes just to be safe.

However, you should watch for the bouncers that you do hire. You can hire bouncers who are calm and will not move to physical force too quickly. Also, a good bouncer can be one that will easily know how to remove people from a concert venue without any problems.

A security plan is needed

A good security plan can help you to be prepared for anything. You should draft a plan with information on where the stage is set and where all aisles and other parts of the venue are. Details on the entrance and exit should be listed as well. A “no trespassing zone” can be used between the stage and the crowd as well. These ideas can be used to create a plan to where your fans will be able to enter a show and be well controlled while giving some freedom to them.

Be aware of what is happening

You should always be aware of what is going on at the concert. You should watch for fans that might get to be too active and be sure that you inform them that the show could be stopped if they are not under control. It is also important to be sure that you are polite to the fans but are still firm to them.

Do not incite anyone

The last tip to use is to avoid inciting the crowd. You should not encourage violent behavior. Hiring professional security officers to control the situation can help.