How To Get Rid of Wedding Jitters

Your wedding is perhaps one of the most important days of your life – well it’s supposed to be anyway! It is the day that you remember throughout your life. Especially when you are getting married to someone you really love, the day becomes all the more special. But there is something called wedding jitters which most people experience before the D-Day. You may not experience wedding jitters few months before your wedding; you may not even experience it few weeks before your wedding. But the jitters might start showing up when you have only few days left before your marriage. If you are experiencing wedding jitters, don’t think that you are the only one. Don’t even start thinking that there is something wrong about you getting married to your partner. It is pretty normal to experience wedding jitters and there could be number of reasons for it. You can always find a way out of it.

Do You Think You Are Not Ready Yet?

A lot of people think that the wedding jitters are caused because they are not yet ready to get married and get bonded in a lifelong relationship. However, this may not necessarily be the reason. You are never ready for marriage until you are actually married. No matter how many married couples you may have seen, you will never be able to anticipate what awaits you after your own marriage. It is as if someone has watched a movie and is now narrating the story to you. You understand the story and the plot but you do not get the same effects as the person who actually watched it. If you want to really understand what the movie is like, you will have to watch it yourself. So stop worrying. Calm yourself down. Tell yourself that you are ready for marriage.

wedding jitters

Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

You may have been a carefree person all your life before marriage. After your wedding it is almost certain that you will not have as much freedom as you used to have. Two lives get united in a wedding and then they mould according to each other in the due course of time. If you are afraid that your life will never be the same again, you are right. But if this is something that is giving you jitters, you need to change perspectives. What if you did not get married at all? Would you like to live a life with no life partner? Will you choose freedom over a lifelong companion? It was your choice to get married and it will be your choice to keep it going. Life will certainly not be the same, but it may change for better also. Calm yourself down by thinking that life may be different but it you will also be happier with the partner of your choice.

Are You Afraid of Responsibilities?

Responsibilities come packaged with the marriage. There is no way they can be avoided. Once you get married and move in with your partner, there will be a whole new set of responsibilities waiting for you to be taken care of. A lot of people get the wedding jitters thinking about this. If you have decided to spend the rest of your life with someone, you will also have to accept the concomitant responsibilities. To avoid the jitters caused due to this, you need a complete paradigm shift. You may be scared of responsibilities because you have not seen them yet. When you are married, if you adjust to the new role in life, it will be much easier for you to live. So accept that your life will change after marriage and become determined. This will help you get over the jitters.

Are You Scared of Being At Center Stage?

A lot of people who have the fear of facing the public also get the wedding jitters because they don’t want to be the centre of attraction. You like it or not, you will be hogging the limelight on your wedding day. If this is something that is giving you jitters, then there nothing much you can do about it. The best you can do to avoid this is to have a very simple wedding ceremony with few people. But for this, both the partners and their families need to agree. If it is not possible to have a small ceremony, then you will have to calm yourself down. Being center of attention is no big deal.

Seek Counseling

If you are not able to overcome wedding jitters, it is better that you consult someone before it becomes serious. There are many marriage counselors available who can help you with your fears. You can also discuss it with your partner. Sharing things with people will help alleviate the fear.