How To Get Rid Of Weevils

Weevils are insects that can be about a quarter of an inch in size and can feed on plants. These are also referred to as snout beetles. They can devour plants and create food bacteria like E. coli. All sorts of plants, including grains and nuts, can be damaged by weevils. You can stop these weevils from ruining your food and your health.

How can you find them?

You can find weevils by checking to see if there are any granules of plants or foods stuck together. These sticky parts can be signs of a weevil infestation. It can be harmful to consume rice, cereal or nuts that are stuck together like this.

The biggest thing about these weevils is that they can be found through many outside sources. Sometimes they can sneak into grocery items that you bring home. They can be found in bright areas too. Weevils tend to find lights to be appealing.

In fact, any packaged good that is open for a prolonged period of time can be a target for a weevil. They can get into an open package days after it is kept open.

How to control them

You can control weevils and get rid of them quickly. You will first need to use fresh bait for all weevils. Infested bait will be useless. You should also avoid storing new foods alongside old ones in the house. All foods should be sealed in plastic bags after they are opened up and some foods are still leftover. All containers that are being used for this purpose should be clean before they are used. They should also have strong seals that will keep all outside materials out on them.

You can also keep a clean home. Periodic cleaning is needed to ensure that food particles do not stick around in your home. Weevils can feast on these smaller items quickly.

Be sure to avoid all broken food packages as well. A broken package at a grocery store can be one that weevils could feast on.

Don’t forget to get rid of any insect or rodent nests around your home. Weevils are more likely to get into homes that have these nests.

Be sure to use all of these tips for getting weevils out of your home. They should all be used so you can keep your foods protected from these harmful creatures. This is especially important because of the diseases that these weevils can carry.