How To Get Rid Of Your Mom’s Boyfriend

You might find the dates that your mother brings home to be too difficult to handle if your mother has divorced. You know that your mother might want to find someone new. However, you should watch for how your mother’s boyfriend is treating her. It will be important to use a few things in mind.

See if your feelings make sense

You should see that the feelings you have for this new man in your mother’s life are rational. You might feel jealous that your mother does not have the time for you. You might resent your mother for dating someone too similar to your father. You may even be afraid of what could happen. You should talk with your mother about this and see if your feelings are rational.

Don’t question too much

You should think about the feelings that your mother has. You might feel that your mother’s boyfriend is too harsh. However, you should at least give your mother the benefit of the doubt and accept the fact that she is dating someone. This means that you should not try and compare this new man to your father.

Understand his motives

You should see what the motives for the man’s relationship are. This includes several things that can influence the legitimacy of the relationship. You should see if the boyfriend has other girlfriends or if he has a steady job. You should also see that he is treating others, including you, very well.

However, there are some cases where he is not very nice or beneficial. You will need to do a few things in order to get this problem resolved.

Be more responsible

Try to have more responsibility in your mother’s life. You should take good care of her. This can give the boyfriend a message that you are the main figure who will determine how the relationship can go.

Deal with him

You could also deal with the boyfriend by trying to be harsh to him. You could ask to borrow his car or to ask for highly expensive gifts. You could also be vague and intelligent to him. This includes being more intelligent than the boyfriend. This can prove to be very intimidating.

Simply calling the boyfriend “Dad” can work as well. This can make the boyfriend feel very uncomfortable around you.

Write a letter

Your can send your mother a letter. This letter can explain your concerns to her and simply state what you really feel about him. The goal is to be constructive to her and to make her feel that she will be comfortable with what you are saying.