How To Have A Coffee-Themed Event

By Subodh / May 7, 2013

Can you not live without your morning caffeine fix? Or maybe you just like to hangout in coffee shops and taste all those wonderful coffee-flavored selections. Whether you prefer caffeinated or decaf, hot or cold, or black or white, there is a coffee for you. So, why not make coffee the star of your event?

There are so many things that you can do with coffee. Plus, having a coffee-themed affair will surely make your event stand out and be remembered by all your friends and family. Whether you are organizing a birthday party, an anniversary or a wedding, this can be a wonderful and unique option. Here are a few ideas that you can try out.

1. Have a coffee bar. Instead of having a bar that serves alcoholic drinks, why not have a bar that offers different varieties of coffee? It doesn’t have to be expensive. What you can do is brew one type of coffee, and offer a selection of yummy ingredients to add to it, like cream, honey, chocolate, or milk. Provide an assortment of enjoyable toppings, such as chocolate shavings, marshmallows, cinnamon and cocoa powder. If you’re hosting an affair that’s strictly for grown-ups, you can opt to add liquor to coffee. Amazing spirits that really go well with coffee are Frangelico, amaretto, and Baileys Irish cream.



2. Serve hot and cold coffee. Another wonderful thing about coffee is that you can enjoy it hot or cold. Hot brews will definitely be welcome if you serve them during cool nights or during winter parties, while iced coffee is great for warm days. But whatever the weather outdoors is, your guests will surely get excited if they’re offered an assortment of hot and cold coffee drinks. Some hot coffee recipes that you ought to try are Cafe con Miel, Cafe de Olla, coconut milk coffee, European coffee, and coffee grog. For iced beverages, cafe frappe, chilled espresso, iced latte, coffee shakes, and coffee floats are delicious choices.

3. Arrange a self-service coffee station. Guests will surely have a lot of fun if you allow them to concoct their own brew. Provide them with a large pot of coffee and a great selection of syrups, toppings, creams, and other flavorful ingredients.

4. Hire a barista for the day. If you are not entirely sold on the idea about having a self-service coffee station, why not get a barista who can mix your guests’ drinks? An advantage here is that you won’t have to worry about what sort of ingredients you need to buy. Just ask the barista what he needs. Then, he will be the one to garnish, embellish and beautify each drink.

5. Give away coffee-themed souvenirs. This is a wonderful idea for weddings and birthdays. If you want to offer your guests something to remember the event by, you can give away mugs, key chains, or engraved spoons. Gourmet coffee gift baskets or a bag of your favorite coffee are also fantastic alternatives that your guests will surely appreciate.