How To Improve Your Work-Relationship Balance – 6 Ways

People often use terms like “juggling” or “balancing act” to describe the process of finding enough time for both our partner and our duties at work. It’s hard to find fault with these terms as there is no perfect equilibrium between the two – there will be ups and downs on both the personal and professional plans, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to learn to adapt to an ever-changing set of circumstances. Although everyone will be faced with different problems, there are some common rules that will help you become more efficient at finding a balance between your work and your love life.

Separation of home and office

If you or your significant other want to talk about something funny that happened at work or if you are really frustrated and just need to vent a little bit that’s ok, but don’t keep it to yourself and then start a fight with your partner or bore them with tiny details. The same goes for work – once you sit down at the desk, leave all your personal problems locked away in a corner of your mind until you can go back home and deal with them.

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Frequent compromises

Compromises need to be made on a daily basis if you want to have success in your career while keeping that spark alive in your relationship.  It will mostly involve little things, but these can be the hardest to let go of. Ladies, if your partner just can’t keep that towel off the bathroom floor simply learn to live with it, and guys if a woman tolerates your sloppiness and only wants you to fix a few things around the house then just sacrifice an hour of game or TV time and help out. Sometimes a date night will have to be cancelled because of work and sometimes you will have to give your partner some privacy to finish a project and this is something you will need to learn to deal with.

Improve communication with your partner

In these modern times it is quite easy to stay in touch with someone throughout the day. You can’t really spend an hour on Skype while you are at work, but a few text messages spread out throughout the day are not too difficult to manage. Try and get in at least half an hour of conversation at some point in the day or listen to your partner’s problems while giving them a massage after work.

Make the brief moments of intimacy count

If you are trying to make compromises and fit everyone into your tight schedule you will often only have a limited time to spend with your partner, so it is important to make the most of it. A romantic dinner followed by an evening cuddled up on the couch is not always possible. However, you can make great use of sexy costumes and do a bit of role-play in the bedroom. Even if you can only squeeze in an hour or two with your partner, an examination by a sexy doctor or a heated interrogation by a police officer can spice up your love life and give you and your partner something to think about until the next time you can have some alone time. Don’t rush anything and just lose yourself in the moment.

Create a routine

It’s much easier to manage everything if you have a set routine. Friday nights can be romantic movie nights, you can have short talks right after work every day, one of you can make breakfast in the morning because they tend to get up earlier while the other focuses on cleaning the house in the afternoon because they get home from work earlier and so on. If you know what to expect there will be less stress and a few romantic gestures now and then will be a great way to break up the monotony.

Change the scenery every once in a while

It is important to leave your home and the lifestyle that you are used to and try something new from time to time. This way you won’t identify yourselves or your relationship with the random circumstances you are in, but will get a deeper appreciation of aspects of your personalities that you may have forgotten about over the years. It doesn’t have to be a journey around the world – there are often plenty of local options you can explore, just as long as it’s the two of you in new surroundings.

I hope this information can help guide you in the right direction, but in the end it takes constant effort and focus to be able to walk the line between utter chaos and a relatively calm, productive life.