How To Make A Professional And Beautiful Wedding Film?

The majority of weddings take place in summer and every wedding these days requires professional wedding videography service. However, filming a wedding can be more difficult than what many newbie videographers first think. Below we look at what can be done to make the process a lot easier and less stressful.

Remember your role

Whether you have been hired to film a wedding or if you are doing it as a favor for your friend it is important that you remember your role at the wedding. If you are there to shoot an amateur video for a friend then you need to stay away and out of the way of the professional. This is because the couple has most likely paid lots of money to get this professional so he or she should be given priority.

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If you are a hired videographer you need to step in and in front of everyone else to get good shots of the vows. You should also have all the right equipment and backup equipment ready in the event that the unforeseen happens i.e. your batteries run out or your camera falls.

Use a lapel mic

If you are a professional videographer you need to have a lapel microphone because without it, it’s going to be hard to hear the vows. Ideally, you should have a wireless mic which can simply hook on to the camera but these can be expensive and not always the best option for someone who is starting out. Alternatively, it would be better to invest in a digital recorder or simply transform your iPod into one and then wire a lapel mic to that. However, this will require that you later sync the video and audio during editing.

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Understand the schedule

Before you step in to film a wedding you should speak to the couple and find out what their schedule is. This will enable you to anticipate every action and you will not be trying to juggle everything last moment. Ideally, you will want to attend the wedding rehearsal, since this will give you a chance to find the right places to setup your camera. You will also have the opportunity to find out if there are any restrictions at the church or the ceremony site. Many religious sites have rules about making videos and taking pictures so knowing these in advance can help.

Try to be unobtrusive

A wedding day is to celebrate the couple’s union. Even though it is important that you make a great video it is also important that you make sure that everyone feels comfortable with you being around and enjoy themselves. You will need to move around during the ceremony but this should be done quietly and quickly so that you do not draw too much attention away from the main characters.

Try to leverage the power of the zoom wherever possible to get close ups of the guests since nobody likes to have a camera in their face. This also happens to be one of the biggest complaints that people have with videographers at weddings.

Lighting the scene

The latest, new and improved digital camcorders ensure that making a wedding film no longer requires that the videographer setups 1000 watt lights. But you will still need some extra lighting to get great footage at the wedding. Usually, a small 50 watt mounted light on your camera is good enough to light the scene without having to blind guests as well as break your budget.

Get friendly with other vendors

The photographer, DJ, and the videographer as well as the reception site coordinator will all be working towards one common goal i.e. to make sure that the day goes as smoothly as possible for the couple. So, make sure to start by introducing yourself to all these people as soon as possible so that you can work with them. You will need to coordinate with the photographer so that he or she does not end up spoiling your shot. The site coordinator and DJ should be able to give you the schedule of the event and try to get you into the room prior to anything important happening.

Try using two cameras

Many videographers will come to film a wedding with two cameras to capture Xtraordinary Photos & Video and if you do then use them both. You can setup one camera to capture all the wide shots of the groom, bride and parents and the other just for close ups and great reaction shots.