How To Protect Your Family From Commercial Marketing Influence – 4 Ways

By Subodh / March 27, 2013

In today’s world, being influenced by commercials, advertisements and plenty of marketing campaigns may seem inevitable and nearly unavoidable. However, if you truly want to protect your family the influence commercials and marketing have on you, there are a few ways to do so while also making a commitment to stay educated and informed at all times. Commercials and advertisements help to subliminally cause individuals to want a product or a service, even if there is no use for the items or if the individual knows nothing about the company prior to making the purchase. Protecting your family from commercials and marketing influence can be tricky, especially given their use of our own subconscious minds. Ensuring you are protected can be done with enough self-awareness and the ability to see the potential harm that marketing and advertising can cause.

Share Awareness

Understanding the influence that commercials and marketing has on the mind and when it comes to making decisions is an important topic to discuss with your family if you are planning to keep them from experiencing the manipulation themselves. Sharing information about how marketing influences individuals with your entire family is a way for you to stay informed and educated on the tactics being implemented in both online and offline marketing techniques used today.


Research Companies and Businesses

Before you invest in making purchases or obtaining services from businesses and companies that are being advertised, be sure to conduct your own market research on the brand you are interested in specifically. Conducting research on various brands and businesses will allow you to read real customer reviews, check ingredients and even read more about the company’s own objective and goals altogether. Researching companies before you choose to support them will help you to break free from traditional commercials and marketing ploys that may have otherwise influenced you to make a purchase or investment without thinking twice.

Avoid Media Outlets

When you want to really eliminate the potential of being influenced by commercials and marketing campaigns with your entire family, ridding and avoiding all media outlets possible is another options. Removing cable television from the home, throwing away sales papers and even blocking advertisements when you are browsing online can help with stopping any potential influences you may receive if you are reading or watching shows and movies. The more you avoid media outlets, the easier it will be to make decisions without any subliminal influences or persuasion to worry about yourself. Eliminating television from the home is also another way to spend more time with your family without being distracted and influenced to buy and consume repeatedly throughout the day.

Talk Openly With Your Family

Being open and honest with your family about the marketing influences of today and having candid discussions is a way to ensure that all of your loved ones understand the potential effects of commercials and other advertisements in their everyday lives. Speaking frequently about the damage that campaigns can do to the mind and the type of influence they can have is a way to ensure your entire family is educated and aware of the messages being portrayed and shared with them regularly. Being open and honest with your family will help you and your loved ones to avoid any potential influence to purchase products or use a specific brand.