How To Reach Hispanics In Your Community

By Subodh / March 31, 2013

There’s a lot of buzz recently about how Hispanics are becoming a new marketing force to be reckoned with. They are contributing and consuming more than ever before and businesses everywhere have to figure out how to win them over. Even though Hispanics are only just becoming such a powerful consumers groups, their cultural values and traditions have been strong in America for decades, if not more. Therefore, businesses must learn how to reach Hispanics, how to make their products and services not only appealing to them, but how to integrate them into their deeply cultural lives.

Because of the rise of Hispanic consumerism, there are many studies on how to market to Latinos. You’ll find studies on how and when to use social media to reach them, what kinds of language and colloquialisms you should employ, and so on. But as most marketing studies go, these statistics can only show you how to market to Hispanics in general. What these studies don’t show you are how to market to Hispanics in your community, the ones who live and work right next to your business. No doubt they might shop differently, behave differently, and think differently than the general Hispanic population. The tips below will help you gauge the mentality and behaviors of Hispanics in your community so you can cater your business to their wants and needs.

Use Social Media social-media

Reaching any type of customer through social media is a great idea, but for Hispanics especially, social media can become your new best friend. With all the different ways to interact, discuss, and engage on social media, it won’t be difficult to for your business to include Latinos in the mix. Furthermore, Hispanics are some of the most prominent users on websites like Twitter and Facebook, therefore, you are much more likely to make an impact through these channels.

Hispanics have always been a very social people. Their culture, their homes, their families, and even their traditions have engrained the importance of socializing amongst one another. It comforts them, it informs them, and it even inspires confidence in them. As you begin to reach out to Hispanics through social media using cultural references, Spanish language, and with influential users, you will be able to gauge their interests and set your company up as a trustworthy member of their community.

Once you’ve gauged their interest, use social media to explore their consumer mentality. What kinds of products and services do they want and need? How would they like these products and services to be marketed to them? What kinds of advertising do they respond to? Creating surveys, posting questions through updates, and inviting Latinos to speak their mind on your Twitter page or Facebook page will not only involve them in the conversation, but inspire them to feel passionate about participating in building a brand that’s centered around them.

Use QR Codes

While QR codes haven’t become a widespread marketing phenomenon, they do have certain advantages. And when you’re dealing with a society that uses smartphone to connect, surf, and browse, a QR code might the perfect way to get them involved in developing your business.

QR codes are small images that any smartphone can scan, understand, and then link to a particular website. You can print them and post them just about anywhere, letting any one on the street with a smartphone get a peak at what you’re advertising.

For the Hispanic community, posting QR codes at local grocery stores, restaurants, bus stops, libraries, and any other community areas, will allow you to get right into the mix with their daily lives. Create an interesting advertisement that will pique their interest and give them a reason to scan the QR code. You can then lead them to a survey, a social media site, or a discussion forum where you’re able to talk to them further. Take notice of where people scan the QR codes from. Those locations might be hot spots to advertise your business in further, once you’ve already learned a thing or two about how the Hispanic community would like to be represented and targeted.

The Hispanic community has become such a force that they can no longer be treated as a special consumer category. This means that businesses must focus on marketing themselves to Hispanics as much, if not more than other consumer groups. However, the process to do so won’t be the same for every business because every Hispanic community will vary.

Get to know the Hispanic communities that neighbor your business and welcome them into your marketing efforts. Learn about their shopping habits, their needs and wants, and together you can discover a way to meet each other’s goals. Your business has found more than a new customer; it has found a marketing partner.