How To Tie a Bandana

Nowadays, both women and men use various types of accessories with the attire. Whether you wear formal attire for work or occasions or put on a tee and denim for joining friend’s hang out on weekends, using the apt and matching accessories is something you just cannot overlook. One such example is the bandana. It is used by trendy men and women and Celebes like Rihanna and Beckham also flaunt it from time to time. These are available in myriads of colours and designs. However, you need to learn various ways to use this accessory. Based on your attire, occasion and fashion sense, a bandana can be worn in a number of ways.

Below listed are some popular ways to use and wear Bandanas:


Wearing Bandana Like A Headband

This is what a number of youngsters do. To wear it like regular headbands, you need to fold a bandana into a triangular shape. Then roll it and wrap around the head and tie ends firmly. It is really handy when you go out biking or cycling and there is a wind blowing. Women and men with long hair can keep their mane organized by using this style. You can wear a bandana in this way quickly.

Sporting the Cowboy Scarf

There are days, especially during weekends when you get into a mood like dressing up in a retro fashion! To make this, take a bandana and fold diagonally in half. Now from longer side fold the bandana backwards two times to the point. This can be wrapped around the neck and tie one knot. This goes well with winter wear and leather jackets.

Wearing Like A Bonnet

To make a bonnet with a bandana, take it and fold one corner to the opposite direction. Put the triangle shaped bandana over the head and tie the ends firmly. The tied end can be hidden under hair. It is ideal when you go out in sun or light snow and covering up hair is required. At the same time, it makes you look quite stylish.

Using Like Face Mask

This is another way to wear Bandana for the fair sex. For this you need to fold a bandana in the same way you would do for a bonnet. This time, however, wrap it around face a little above nose. The knot should be tied at back of head. This is ideal as a pollution or dust mask when you go out. Even for cleaning the house, this can be used.

Wearing Like A Wrist Band

Beyond doubt, the bandana is a versatile accessory. It can also be used in place of a wristband. For this, keep a bandana on a flat surface and fold it till it becomes a narrow strip. This can be wrapped around wrist.

Retro Looking Headband

If you want to attend a fancy dress party or simply feel like sporting an edgy and retro look, a bandana can be used to complete the look. Ensure you flaunt a vintage hairstyle for this look. Then roll up the bandana and wrap it around the head. Tie the ends on the top part of the head.

Alice Band

You must have seen David Beckham sporting this style a few times on the tele, not only does it look cool on men, but also adds a very tomboyish look to a lady’s attire. It goes well with both sporty and casual dresses. To try this style, take a bandana and fold diagonally in half to make a triangle shape. Now, begin from the point and fold backwards by a few cm several times till you reach the other side. Now, it will look like a thick and long strip. Now take it and cover hairline using the bandana’s center. Ensure the bandana goes behind the ears and tie ends at the back of the head using a single knot.

The Scrunchy Style

This style is a favourite with school going girls and it can make an otherwise simple hairstyle look attractive. The first step is folding a bandana in half diagonally to make a triangle shape. Then, fold by a few cm backwards till you meet the other side. Now, pass the bandana around pony tail and tie one knot.

Wearing Bandanas Around Neck

There is no stereotype rule that bandanas are strictly head gears. On the contrary, you can put them on the wrist and even around the neck. You can put them around the neck and this look goes well with solid coloured cotton tees and denim. You can wear a colourful or designer bandana with mate shade tee, for example.

Put the bandana on the table and fold it in half to form a triangle. The open flaps should be at the bottom. Then, take two corners and wrap it around the neck. The knots should be tied with a square knot. Ensure it is neither too loose nor tight on the neck. The knot should be at the back of the neck.