How To Unleash Your Wild Side (Without Getting Rid of the Day Job)

By Subodh / August 12, 2013

A career that takes you down the straight and narrow path can be great for paying the mortgage and accomplishing life’s goals. However, after hours you may want to unleash your wild side and do something that’s out of the ordinary. Various activities such as removable tattoos, fake piercings and heavy metal guitar lessons can stimulate your inner rock star and wild child without losing you the day job.

Temporary Tattoo Art

If you’ve always wanted to display your artistic creativity with body art, but you can’t because of the high level position that you hold during the day, temporary tattoo art is the ideal creative outlet for you. Recently seen on the fashion runways by some of the most famous designers, removable tattoos are ideal for individuals who are looking to make a temporary statement, but don’t want the commitment.

Temporary body art comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors, and is also ideal for individuals who are afraid of needles and health issues that can be associated with their more permanent counterparts. If you plan on going to a special eclectic event with friends, and you want to add spice to your ensemble, temporary tattoos can make a wild fashion statement. With a little soap, water and scrubbing, you’re set to get back to work without anyone the wiser.


Electric Guitar Lessons

Accountants, bankers and stock brokers might have great jobs, but which can be quite reserved and stuffy at times. Those with overwhelming responsibility can kick back after hours by taking electric guitar lessons. Whether you plan on joining a heavy metal band, playing gigs at your local pub or enticing the crowd into a frenzy at a popular festival, stroking the strings with electric guitar lessons can whet your passions for musical pleasure.

Zip Lining

Conference calls and administrative duties can pay your bills, but it doesn’t do anything to appease your adventurous side. Zip lining across a breathtaking ravine up high can be exhilarating after a day spent dealing with problematic issues. This form of activity gets your heart pumping and releases the endorphins that you’ve had pent up during that long finance meeting.

Fake Piercings

If you have a high powered position during the day, permanent piercings and tattoos are not for you. Fortunately, fake piercings can allow you to adorn your body with jewels and designs without the permanency that’s attached to it. Whether you’re attending a rock concert or hitting up a popular musical venue, you can take your look to a whole new level. The methods used in fake piercings include clips, glue and magnets.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing uses a combination of passionate movements and rhythmic steps to the beat of lively music. This method of dance allows you to escape into the Latin world of romance and expressionism. Whether you’re a novice looking to take lessons or you’re a professional and love to compete for prizes, salsa dancing is a wonderful way to escape from a hectic work load. The dress and costumes are also exciting and probably different than anything that you’ve ever worn. If you’re typical garb is preppy shirts and suits, you’ll find it exhilarating to let your hair down and escape to something flashy and festooned with jewels and lace.

Motorcycle Rides

Tooling down the highway with the fresh air in your face and the rumble of a motorcycle beneath you can make you forget about your long day at the office. Whether you’re looking to ride alone, with a group or your biker babe holding on behind you, this ultimate in road vehicles can bring excitement and adventure to the forefront. There are an assortment of bikes designed for all types of skill levels, sizes and personal preferences, and you can select the design that will fit with your specific needs. The power and speed of the bike can open up a world of excitement after a day spent with your co-workers.

The typical office person has a host of responsibilities throughout their busy day. Answering phones, attending meetings and dealing with a difficult boss can place a host of boredom on your shoulders. Finding a passion where you can release your energy from a day spent behind your desk can be a fulfilling way to unleash your wild side and let it shine through.