Keep Calm And Party On: How To Throw A Party Without Getting Busted

Nothing ruins an excellent keg party or house party like the arrival of guests wearing a badge and a blue uniform. Of course, you want to party with your friends with as much excitement, intrigue, and drama as possible; however, you don’t want the police knocking at your door.

You have to understand that throwing a keg party or a house party is not inherently illegal; however, neighbor complaints about the noise or parking problems could shut down your legendary party. Thankfully, there are ways to throw a party without getting arrested. With these tips, you can throw a party which will be the talk of the entire campus without getting into trouble with the law.


Know Your Rights

Before you throw the most legendary party, you should first know about your rights. You need to know that police officers cannot enter your property without a warrant or your consent; however, there are exigent circumstances wherein they can use anything suspicious, such as a minor looking drunk, to enter your home.

If you hear the police knocking at your door, you should immediately remove anyone or anything that is remotely suspicious. Once you clear the area, open the door, get out, and close it behind you while you talk to the authorities. If they refuse to leave, you should notify that you are not consenting to the search. Remember to be respectful and courteous when talking to them because being rude will only land you in jail faster.

If in case you get arrested, you should remember these tips:

  • Ask what the charges are against you.
  • Exercise your right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.
  • You also have the right to post bail. If in case the bail amount is too high, seek help from family, friends, or from a bonds company, says the bonds agents at Bail Bonds Direct.

ID Everyone

You should check the ID of each of your guests, especially if there is drinking involved. If the guest is too young to drink, you should place a huge mark on his hand so that anyone serving drinks will know not to serve him any alcohol. This is also very helpful in case the police do show up. You can show proof that you are complying with the law.

Keep in mind that serving underage individuals with alcohol is illegal. If the authorities show up and they find proof that you are serving alcohol to minors, you might find yourself facing possible jail time.

Inform Your Neighbors

Whether you live in an apartment, or in a quiet neighborhood, or within campus grounds, you will need to inform your neighbors about the party. If possible, invite your neighbors. You should also give your phone number and ask them to call you if the music becomes too loud for them or if they have other complaints. In doing so, they will have to inform you before they can even call the police. Remember to play nice because the courtesy will go a long way in lowering the risk of getting busted.

Don’t Let Your Guests Drive Drunk

You should have a rule that once they get inside, they should submit their keys to you. No exceptions. You should also assign a keymaster who will decide whether the guest can leave in their own car. The keymaster should stay sober and responsible because the safety of the guests lies in his decision.

Keep in mind that drunk driving can result in fatal car crashes. In addition, driving drunk can result in a traffic stop. If the police find out that the drunk driver came from your party, they will bust your party for being irresponsible and dangerous.