Five Secrets to Getting Rid of Silverfish

Clearing out your home of silverfish will require you to assess if what you actually see are silverfish, or just firebrats. The first thing to know about silverfish is the color which varies from gray to green. Areas of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit are their preferred areas while Firebrats like places above that, at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and are usually either black or white in color.

Cut the Cord to Sources

In order to fully rid of silverfish, you will need to cut off their sources such as the moist areas they tend to live in. Your pile of leaves or mulch, attic, kitchen, sinks, and bathroom space all contain high contents of moisture from the water present. Silverfish can also reside in your bookshelves and books, water heaters and stoves, or laundry room because of the high humidity level.

You can control these creatures by reducing the moisture in your home. Make a run throughout the house and fix all leaks. An ideal way to control infested areas is to use silicone caulk to cover cracks or install a humidifier or desiccant inside the house. Silverfish cannot survive in dry environments and even firebrats cannot live in excessive dryness.

How to Locate the Pests and Kill Them Dead

It is actually quite easy to locate silverfish because they have to be around food and they prefer sugar, protein, and starch which is a silverfish favorite so be wary of your goods. Silverfish can also be found in cereals, starched
fabrics, synthetic fibers, glues, and wallpaper pastes. If you suspect a particular area of the house may be infested, immediately clean that area thoroughly before your belongings gets damaged by silverfish.

Holes, notches, and scrapings with odd shapes are good indications that silverfish have been feeding in that area. Typically, there will be marks on the wallpaper from silverfish lurking for the paste inside. You may also see yellow stains on your pants, shirts, or other types of fabric.

You can’t go wrong with killing silverfish with poison. Insecticidal dusts, diatomaceous earth, and Borax are the best poisons to kill silverfish and applying some behind furniture, appliances or other suspect places, can do wonders. Prevent silverfish from ruining your bookcase by spreading some diatomaceous earth on the back of your books while on display. This poison can kill silverfish, firebrats, insects that eat paper, and can even reduce the moisture in your books.

Tips to Take Care of It Yourself

Use sticky roach traps which have always proven effective when trapping silverfish and firebrats. Available at your local hardware store, it is easy to buy there or online and delivered right to your door. Another option is to leave bait to lure the silverfish when you are not sure where the infestation may be coming from. However serious your silverfish problem is and what method you choose to get rid of them, make sure you are not actually feeding them and helping them thrive in damaging your house without you looking.