How to Get of Ick

By Subodh / July 14, 2009

Human beings have a good friend in their age old problem of ickiness and that’s a fish! Yes, fishes face the same problem of ickiness except that they cannot express like us. However, they have their won way of expressing ickiness through actions and gestures.

Ickiness is a very common disease in fishes with almost every fish suffering from it at least once during its life time. Ickiness in fishes needs to be treated on time because of the following reasons:

• Ickiness is contagious and hence if not controlled can spread very fast to other fishes. This is particularly the case with people keeping multiple breeds of fishes in their fish tanks.
• Fishes have their own way of overcoming ickiness which is by rubbing their bodies against the rocks of your aquarium. This not only intensifies the ickiness because it exposes the fish’s body further to the parasite but also leaves permanent marks on its body

It is important to be careful while buying fish to ensure that they are already not suffering from ickiness. One way is to get an expert to do an examination but an easier and practical way is to see the existence of white spots on its fins. Typically ickiness starts with the fins and then spreads to other parts of the body

There are some standard precautions which can be followed in order to avoid your fishes from suffering from this disease:

• Periodically changing the tank water helps to remove the waste. Just as human beings need to bathe everyday it is important for fishes to also get fresh water frequently. A good frequency is changing the water every 2 weeks. But this can be changed based on the size of the tank that you carry
• Making the aquarium reasonably big and providing enough space for vegetation and coziness is important. This helps the fish to go into a hideout and also provides a cool ambience inside the tank. It also helps the fishes bond with each more effectively
• It is important to provide necessary food to fishes periodically but at the same time not overfeed them. Any overfeeding would be thrown out by the fishes which will only contaminate the water further
• There are salts and other consumable medical aids which can be sprinkled in the aquarium periodically which prevents growth of parasites and at the same time are not harmful to the fish
• In the eventuality of any fish does getting infected with ickiness its important to separate the infected fish from others so as to restrict the spreading of the disease

It is best to take the above precautions and prevent any occurrence of ickiness. However, in case it does happen then there are several treatments available for curing it. There are medicines containing copper sulphate which helps kill the parasite.

Because of the commonality of this disease, it is advisable to keep the precautions handy so as to avoid resorting to the last step of medication.