How To Get Rid of Ants From Your Pet’s Food

Ants are annoying little pests and not only do they infest our homes and contaminate our food, but they also infest and contaminate pet food. Once they do contaminate your pet’s food, your pet may refuse to eat it no matter how much you give. If your pet does eat the food, there is possibility of it getting sick or being bitten. Not only is it inconvenient for your pet’s health, but it is also a waste of money as pet food is quite costly. Whatever type of pet you may have, protecting it from ants is a necessity. You can easily and effectively get rid of ants without having to spend any money.

Eliminate Existing Ants

If your pet’s food already has ants in it you can cover the container tightly and then place it in the freezer for an hour or two. You must be certain that the ants have been in the food for a short period of time otherwise you will have to throw it out. When you freeze it, the ants will be killed and the food can be saved. After freezing the food, pour the food into a strainer in the sink and shake vigorously to get rid of the ants. Once you are sure that you have gotten rid of the dead ants, you can still serve the food.

Store And Seal Food
Instead of leaving pet food in its original container or bag, you can store them instead in zip-lock bags, air tight plastic containers and tin cans to keep ants out. Even if you have to place the pet food bag into another bag, you must do so to ensure that the pet food will not be infested by ants. In fact, if you have a severe ant infestation in your home, you might have to store the food in the freezer.

Clean Up The Feeding Area

Even small pieces of pet food can attract a swarm of ants, so cleaning up the feeding area is essential. Sweep the floor and then wash the area with a cloth and soapy water or detergent. The soap can get rid of the scent of the food and any remaining ant trails. It is also best that you wash the area from time to time. When you make cleaning a habit after every meal, you can stop the ants from infesting your pet’s food.

Make A Moat

Another way you can prevent ants from infesting pet food is by creating a moat. This is a useful method if you are unable to freeze the food or store it in another container or bag. All you need to do is pour water into a large pan and then place a brick in the center. You can then place the pet food on top of the brick or place a large tray on top of the brick before the pet food. The water will act as the moat and keep ants out, while the brick can keep the food from tipping over.

You must remember that ants will continue to hunt for food and they will return to an area they once found food. The best way to deal with ants in your home is to get a pest control professional to eradicate them.