How To Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are found all over the United States between the seasons of fall and spring. It is about half an inch long by quarter of an inch wide. Wherever there is a female box elder bug, there will be hordes of males. While they eat a wide variety of plants, they like to eat the seed pod from the female even more. The easiest way to remove the bugs might seem to be to remove the female but these bugs can fly a long distance so they can easily travel from place to place.

The Annoyances of Having Box Elder Bugs

These bugs are not potentially dangerous as other bugs are such as wasps or mosquitoes but they are an eye sore and they can stain various types of light-colored surfaces such as curtains. Also, if you step on, it has a very bad and strong odor. The only predators known to this bug happen to be worse than the bug itself and two of these are rodents and geese.

Methods of Getting Rid of Box Elder Bugs

Making repairs to your home where the bugs invade the home is a good start. Seal up the points where they enter the home, repair any torn screens and repair the cracks around doors and windows. Vacuum the bugs that have already entered the home and dump them and/or spraying them with a mixture of laundry detergent and water can be a good fix. For removal from the exterior walls or tree trunks you can use a pressure hose.

Infestations caused by a female in the area is a different story altogether in many ways. It is not just as simple as repairing and cleaning but the tree that has the female needs to be eliminated. Any other method would only be a temporary fix. Insecticide is not usually effective. If the destruction of the tree does not work, then clear away the seeds from the fallen tree. You can do this with a shop vacuum. The seeds need to be removed from the yard, patios, and driveways. The leaves and weeds should be cleared away about six to ten feet around the foundation of the home, especially the south and west sides. If the tree is on your property and you don’t want to have it removed then you can have a tree sprayer come in each year to prepare it for when the female is to lay the eggs on the leaves.