How To Get Rid of Crows

The most common bird found in the world and known to everyone is crow. In olden days they were known for their death indicator and also for any forthcoming trouble. They normally don’t harm people but their caws can disturb anybody’s peaceful sleep. Their caws are loud enough to awake you. Some people try to scare them and some try to kill them. However killing crows is not legal in many countries. Like for instance hunting crows is illegal in United States while in some states they are allowed for certain period.

Below are some ways through which you can get rid of crows:

1. Scarecrow: the old scaring technique

Crows mostly harm the farmers by destroying the crops of the farm. In this case you can build a scarecrow which is very commonly used in large farms with the help of waste material. The best thing about it is the crows get easily scared and secondly you don’t cause them any kind of harm. For making it you just need a bamboo pole which would act as a main supporter. Cut it into two pieces vertically attached to each other. Then you can place your old shirt on the bamboo and stuff it with rags and dry grass. Similarly get an old pair of trousers and stuff it too. Then attach the pillow as the face and draw eyes, nose and ears on it. Stick your scarecrow on the ground and within minutes you shall see the results.

2. Use a bird repel system

Bird repel system is nothing but an audio device that gives out sound which keeps crows away. By listening to that sound crows feel that their predators are nearby and they run away. Place it near the area where they usually come.

3. Use an Owl trap

Crows are very scared of owls and if they see it nearby they won’t even flock in that area. Thus you can place an owl toy in that area and can get rid of them in a day or two.

4. Keep your surrounding area clean

Crows normally flock around dirty areas. If your surrounding area is dirty then they would definitely visit your place. You should specially clean your garbage bins regularly as that’s the place where they find their food. Thus by keeping your surrounding area clean you can easily get rid of them.

5. String old CD’s together

If you have some old CD’s at your home then you should tie it together and place it in such a way that it should reflect sunlight. Crows hate sun’s reflection and thus they would never come back.

6. Keep a Dog

Dog normally have the tendency to run behind birds specially crows. So if you can afford to keep one near that area then you can easily get rid of them.

7. Use a Water gun

Instead of using a real gun you can make use of water gun to avoid them. You can spray them as soon as you see them flocking around your house. Thus without hurting them much you can easily get rid of them.

Thus with the help of above measures you can get rid of crows.