How To Get Rid of Geese

By Subodh / July 14, 2009

The thought have having geese in your backyard will seem good to you but you will surely think of getting rid of them once you see the amount of dropping which they will live behind. Canadian Geese also known as migratory geese have become a regular and common problem of every household. However here are certain ways to get rid of them:

Before stating the ways to get rid of them you must keep in mind that there are certain countries that have formed a community to protect these geese. You must abide by the rules as prescribed by them before taking any action against these geese. If you do not do so you will have to face the consequences. To summaries everything basically your actions should be legal and should bind by the rules.

Here are certain ways to get rid of geese:

Don’t feed the geese

The food which you feed the geese with is dangerous for their being. Also inform you neighbors about it who feed the geese. Also feeding the geese will encourage them to live in your area.


Decoys are the enemies of geese. To remain alive, geese keep themselves away from decoys as they are their predators. Swan decoys and crocodile decoys will help you to get rid of geese. Also decoy dogs, hawks and owls will do their part in keeping away geese from your area. You can also make use of artificial decoys to get rid of these geese. But remember that you should move these decoys daily in your area to keep geese away.

Make use of real animals

Dogs are very helpful in getting rid of geese especially Labrador breed in dogs. But make note of it that your dog do not kill the geese, just chase them and scare them so that that will keep away from your area. Also your dog is from large breed as small breed will themselves get attacked by the group of geese. If you do not have a dog then you can make use of other predators like swans in ponds. They will fight fiercely with geese and keep them away from your area.

Change the landscape

Canada Geese love to live in wide spaces and if your lawn is such then that become one of the cases of geese living in your area. To avoid this grow shrubs of small sizes all around your vicinity to make them feel a little less at home.

Chemical means
You can also make use of certain chemicals to get rid of these Canada Geese. There are large numbers of geese repellents available in the market today. Some of them make your grass small bad where as others indigestion in geese. Also these chemicals do not cause any harm to your or to your plants so you need not worry about it.

Hunting Geese

If any of the above ways do not work then you can go for this option. But remember that this is not a legal solution and is also prohibited in many areas.

Thus these are certain ways to get rid of geese in your locality.