How To Get Rid of Groundhogs

By Subodh / January 11, 2011

Groundhogs – the cute, furry creature – can translate into being a cute furry pest if put into the right situation. While these creatures definitely have the looks going for them and are even used to predict the weather, they are also known for causing a bit of damage. They are mostly found in the lowlands of the United States such as in the Northeast and the Midwest but they have travelled as far as the more northern Washington state, British Columbia and Alaska. This creature, also known as the woodchuck, and even having a nice riddle created from it, likes to root in the earth, of course making these names make sense.

The Unwanted Habits of the Groundhog

There are a variety of reasons why the groundhog may be an uninvited guest:

  • Their meal favorites include vegetables and the vegetation that you may have planted and cared for, whether for eating or viewing pleasure.
  • They create complex tunnels with entrances and exits and this tends to weaken the structure of the earth and the foundation of the structure that may be above it.
  • If an animal every stepped into the hole created by a groundhog, the creature can break a leg.

The groundhog has begun to be a bigger problem because of the companies clearing out forests. The natural predators have been killed off to some extent, leaving fewer animals to prey on the groundhog. Since the cities are spreading into what used to be the forests and therefore are coming into contact with these creatures. Although you might think that hunting them can control them, just like other animals like the deer, that doesn’t really work. Instead, there are other remedies that you might want to try.

Old-Time and Modern Remedies to Get Rid of the Groundhog

  • Mothballs dropped into the burrows can help as can rags soaked with ammonia blocking the holes.
  • Commercially available poisonous gases during their hibernation period being placed into the burrow, does the job.
  • An electric device that emits a high frequency noise can scare the creatures away.

Removal of the Groundhog

You can be certain of the groundhog removal if you trap them. There are leg-hold traps but you will have to kill the animal afterwards but this also required making sure that it is legal where you live. There are non-lethal traps available to catch and release the animal in another spot. These can be bought and in some cases borrowed from the local humane society.