How To Get Rid of Grub Worms

Grub worms are the biggest enemies of a gardener. To a gardener his garden or the lawn is the biggest thing to him, and when this grub worms spoils it by munching on it the roots of the flowers, the gardeners become angry. Grub worms are not exactly the worms they are basically small beetles. They are white or gray in colour. Grub worms are not like earthworms. They do not fertilize the soil as earthworms do but instead eat up the roots of plants and flowers of your beautiful garden.

If your garden is quiet healthy, then it can handle a few number of grub worms. But if you find more than 15 to 20 grub worms per square foot of your garden, then you will be facing the real problem. You will come to notice this when the condition of your garden starts deteriorating.

If you are not able to recognize whether your garden is suffering from grub worm problem or not, then here are some tips which will help you to decide the same:

  • Droopy leaves
  • Green-gray or brown patches on your lawn
  • Grass easily peels off
  • Ground feels spongy to the feet
  • Sudden death of plants, grass or flowers
  • Appearance of moles, armadillos or other pests in your garden

If your garden is facing with the above problems, then your garden is for sure suffering from grub worm’s infestation.

Why do you need to get rid of grub worms?

As mentioned earlier grub worms feed on the roots of the plants which are the vital source of nutrients for plants. Plants gets the required amount of water and nutrients from its roots and when the roots itself are destroyed it will eventually lead to death of your plant. Not only this, grub worms also attract other animals or pests that feed on them thus increasing the problem for you. Therefore you need to get rid of these grub worms.

Ways to get rid of grub worms

There is no permanent solution to get rid of grub worms. Once the beetle lays egg, the eggs hatch and grub worms are produced. Again when this grub worms become adults, they lay eggs and the process continues. You can make use of chemicals to get rid of these worms but that might cause your young ones or pets a problem. Therefore natural solution to get rid of these worms is more effective than chemicals. Here are some ways:

  • Check when beetles lay eggs. You can make use of internet to find this.
  • Nematodes are helpful in killing grub worms. Buy one from the market and spray it in your garden after reading the instructions given at the back of the bottle. These nematodes are however useful in killing larvae of beetles.
  • To overcome the damage caused by grub worms, keep your lawn or garden watered so that the roots will soak it whenever needed.
  • Robins and other songbirds also like grub worms for their meal. Keep these birds in your garden and you will have to worry less about the worms.

Thus the above ways will help you to get rid of grub worms.