How To Get Rid of Hookworms

By Subodh / May 15, 2009

Hookworms also known as round worms are parasitic nematodes. They live in the small intestine of humans, cats and dogs. Hookworms bring about iron and protein deficiency in humans. Also it results into growth retardation for children. If pregnant women are infected by hook worms then either prematurity or low birth rate of newborn is the result. Hook worms also brings about many other diseases like ankylostomiasis or helminthiasis. But these diseases are caused when they are in large numbers. Hookworms suck blood from the body of their recipient. Thus hookworms may bring about various dreadful diseases.

Hookworm infection, Prevention and treatment

Generally a person doesn’t come to know if he has been infected by hookworm as there are no symptoms which show it. Hookworms enter the body either from skin or from infested dog. Foot is their main source to enter the body. Once they enter the body they slowly move inside and settle in small intestine.

Hookworms reproduce only in tropical and subtropical climate as they require certain conditions for them to mate.

If one is able to detect that he or she has been infected by hookworm then it is better to get medical prescription from a doctor. As hookworms are thirsty of iron, and if they are allowed to remain in your body then it may cause you anemia. Here are certain ways to avoid hookworms from entering your body:

Wear footwear all the time: as mentioned earlier, hookworms mostly enter the body through our foot. Therefore it prevents them from entering in our body always wear shoes or slippers as they protect us from bacteria’s on ground. In tropical and subtropical countries it is compulsory to wear slippers.

De-worm your pets: this is especially in case of dogs. Hookworm’s infestation that spreads from canine creatures can be stopped completely by doing this. Although the hookworms cannot grow into adults in canines, they can still bring about skin problems.

Use Mebendazole for adults: if you are infected with hookworm then you can use this medicine to get rid of them. It destroys the hookworms inside the body.

Use Albendazole for young ones: hookworms can bring about various problems to children. If they are infested by hookworms, then this medicine whose brand name is Albenza can help the children to get rid of hookworms.

Use Pyrantel pamoate for pets: this medicine is useful for pets who have been infested by hookworms. It is also used for humans. It is one of the best de-wormers in the market.

Make use of garlic: if you are afraid of consuming the above medicines then you can always eat garlic, a home made remedy, to get rid of hook worms. Garlic is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. It will definitely help you to get rid of these worms.

Properly dispose of pet feces: a chance of hookworms entering into your body is more. Therefore clear your pet feces quickly with warm water and soap.