How To Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese bugs are also known as jitterbug as they have a shiny copper colour surface on them. This beetle as the name suggest are found in Japan. However they are not considered dangerous out there. This is because their population is controlled by their natural enemies. These bugs are also found in united states and other western countries where they are considered as serious pests as they destroy grapes, rose bushes, canna and other plants out there.

Young Japanese beetles can destroy the plants while the adults destroy the landscapes. Thus it has now become necessary to get rid of them. Here are certain ways to get rid of them:

There has been a large number of strategies developed by the experts to destroy Japanese beetles. Thus it is not impossible to destroy them. Here are certain ways to get rid of them:

Insecticidal soap

This soap is able to kill the beetles that eat your plants in your garden. A proper insecticidal soap can be made when proper amount of castile soap is added to proper amount of water. You need to spray this soap on all plant species. This won’t harm them and would kill the beetles. But remember that killing of all beetles in your garden is not good as some of them will prove to be beneficial for your plants. Killing of all beetles will only lead to ruining your garden and not saving them from beetles.

Beetle traps

Beetle traps are of various form, size and shape. But most of them are not effective in getting rid of pests. Infact some of them attract more pests rather than killing them. This leads to greater infestation. If you still want to use it than take the advice of an expert and get a look of various traps and then you select one trap for your house beetles.

Milky spore

This is generally used to control Japanese beetles. This powdered form pest control attacks beetles and passes on deadly infection to them. This eventually leads to the death of the beetle. The use of this can be a good way to control Japanese beetles.

Pick Japanese beetles of plants

Try removing the beetles from the plants by your hands. Collect them in one box and then throw them away. This approach is useful when these beetles are less in number.

Use insecticide and pesticide

Insecticides and pesticides immediately kill the Japanese beetles as they are not immune to it. However they should be used carefully as they may harm even humans.

Birds eat Japanese beetles

Beetles are the favorite food of birds. By attracting birds to your garden you are eliminating the beetles.

The other ways to control Japanese beetle are to spray insecticidal soap on bath top and bottom parts of the leaves, use netting devices, use neam products or neem oil, selection of proper types of plants to avoid beetle infestation and spiking of the lawn. Thus the above ways will definitely help you getting rid of Japanese beetles.