How To Get Rid of Ladybugs

Ladybugs have a lot of great qualities. They are a pretty insect for one thing, but they also eat other bugs that can be harmful to plants. On many occasions, gardeners have brought in ladybugs to protect their plants from these other insects. The unfortunate thing about this whole scenario is that there was such a demand for these creatures that companies started to import them from Asia and they do not act the same way as the other species normally available. They are more voracious and they hibernate in winter unlike the North American ones that are more domestic and that die in the cold season. This has caused a problem with ladybugs that we are now trying to fix.

Generally these ladybugs look for cracks and crevices to make their homes in and if you have a home that is made with wooden siding or is painted using a light color, it is a great attractant for these insects. The pheromones that they excrete attract even more ladybugs and they start to overflow the home after some time. They don’t tend to damage anything within the home but they can be a nuisance when they are flying around, land on you or even bite you if they are in need of food.

Making it Difficult

The first step to taking control of the situation is to take away their access routes to your home. Inspect your home for cracks and crevices and seal them. Also, you can spray them with insecticide unless they are in the attic where this route of using spray is not recommended. Foam insulation is good for the sealing of cracks especially those near windows, light fixtures and so on.


You have other options aside from using harmful chemicals as you can use an insecticidal soap spray that will kill them when it comes into contact with them. It is not considered a repellent however because there is no residual effect. There is a chemical called cypermethrin which not only kills the ladybugs on contact but also repels them. It is used to spray over cracks and crevices after they are filled in and sealed.


In the case that you want immediate results that will kill the creatures, you can use a hand held zapper which electrocutes the creature. A bug zapper/vacuum is another option. This sucks the ladybugs right out of the air and you have a choice of killing it or letting it go. You can also opt simply to vacuum the bugs, which is a cheaper option than the zapper.