How To Get Rid of Millipedes

By Subodh / July 17, 2009

You might have seen these millipedes a hundred times in your garden, between the cracks and at many other places and I know that you hate looking at these ugly looking creatures. You might even have used a million insecticides to get rid of them so that your little kid will not shout the next time she sees it. But to your surprise only after one month they are back again.

Millipedes are part of the diplopoda family. They are found in United States. They are basically vegetarian and they feed only on plants and not on meat. Millipedes basically feed on decaying vegetation.

Millipedes generally do not cause any harm to humans. But this is only true in North America. South America’s millipedes are more dangerous because once they are disturbed they can ooze out cyanide-like spray from their system. The millipedes in North America give out certain fluids which have a bad smell. Millipedes have the ability to stain floors, walls and the indoor surfaces of your home. If you come in contact with the fluid which millipedes let out, you might develop certain rashes on your skin. Millipedes are also capable of developing rashes on the skin of small animals. Millipedes give out this unbearable scent to protect themselves from their enemies. Also rolling into the soil is another way of protecting themselves from their enemies.

Millipedes lay eggs in soil. They lay almost 20 to 300 eggs. Their growth of body is basically the growth of their legs. They are divided into 7 small segments.

Identification of millipedes

Millipedes can be generally identifies. The larger ones are cylindrical and elongated. The ones you find in gardens are generally the smaller ones with less than 10 inches and are generally flatter than the usual millipedes. Certain millipedes are also found in drier areas as they like to be in such places. Thus the identification of millipedes is not a difficult task.

Here are certain ways to get rid of these millipedes:

Correct moisture conditions: first you got to find the reason why millipedes have taken shelter in your house. You need to make your moisture conditions right. Water needs to be intercepted before it enters your house. The control of moisture in your house is difficult for a common man to do. So you may take the help of an expert in this field.

Make sure that gutters are properly installed: if you want to control the population of millipedes you first need to clean up your gutter. If you do not have the gutter at the roof line of your house than you should definitely have one. One of the good gutter systems for your house is the wrap around gutter system as it directly allows the water to fall from the roof to the ground.

Boric acid: Spread it to all problem areas, including crevices, cracks,  and damp spots inside the home.

Thus the above methods will not only help you getting rid of millipedes but will also prevent your house from many insects. The reason for insects in your house is no proper control of moisture. Thus the proper control of moisture will help you get rid of many insects.