How To Get Rid of Musk Rats

Muskrats are nothing but small furry creature who loves moving from one place to other by troubling everyone. They are not as small as the usual rats but are medium-sized who mostly swim for catching its prey. They are found in plenty in North America. It is mostly seen in countryside where the land is wet. But they are quite adjustable to different climate and habitat. A muskrat fur can be from medium to dark brown in color and its belly is a bit light in color. They are mostly found in cold water as their fur has two layers which protect them. Also their tails have scales and not hair which helps them to swim easily. That’s why when they walk on ground because of their tail a distinct mark is left behind.

Muskrats live in lodges made of grass and mud. Since it is soft it gets washed away due to heavy rains. They sometimes also live in burrows dug deep inside which is very close to the water as it helps them to swiftly go in. But if you have a farm or a fish pond they can trouble you a lot and then you need to get rid of them.

Below are some ways for getting rid of muskrats

1. Locate their food source at a distant place
Muskrats can only enter your place if they find some food source. They normally feed themselves on aquatic vegetation and small animals. If your place has plants like cattails, water lilies, sedges, and pond weeds then you may have to change the location or throw them out. Thus it would avoid muskrats to come in.

2. Change your pond environment
Muskrats normally enter a pond which simply have water of say four to six feet and that too either still or slow moving. That is the reason they don’t prefer to go in some river for food. If your pond is deep enough then they would never roam around. If that is not the case then you can use aeration system which has a compressor located on the ponds shore which would pass on some continuous current and thus the water would be continuously flowing.

3. Put a fence around the pond area

4. It is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of muskrats. You can simply put a fence around the pond area which is at least two feet high and six inches deep as it will not allow them to make burrows inside. This technique won’t work if your pond is really big and it can also be expensive.

5. Put up traps
Animal traps are available in plenty and in great varieties everywhere. Simply purchase one of them and keep it near the pond with some bait inside. You can use fruits such as apples, grapes and peanut butter as bait to catch hold of him. Once he is trapped try to relocate them at least one mile away from your house or else they shall come back.
Thus you can get rid of muskrats.