How To Get Rid of Opossums

Many of us are not familiar about a creature which roams around only at night. It is none other but they are known as Opossums. It is mostly found in North America and Central America. It is also called as Virginia Opossums. He is a very unique creature. A female opossum can give birth to thirteen offspring’s at a time and can also feed them. They usually hang with the help of their tail. To protect themselves from the predator they very well know to act as dead. Thus they can fool around anyone.

A fully grown opossum can be as tall as two and can weigh almost 10 to 14 pounds. They are purely omnivorous creatures and feed on leaves, grass, fruits, snails and insects. An opossum can never be your pet and people try to get rid of them because they tend to stay in your shelves, create lot of noise and make a blunder of everything. They are garbage lover and thus would mess the garbage bin. Like dogs they are also the carrier of rabies. So you have to be careful while dealing with them. It can give you disease.

Below are some ways to get rid of them:

1. Check with your local government agencies

You need to catch them with the help of traps. But obviously you won’t be in a position to know as in how to trap them. So you can seek advice from an agent of Department of Agriculture or the local authorities. You can also take help of State Wildlife or the State Fish and Game Department. Please ensure that you use live traps to catch them and you have one famous Have-a-Heart brand for the same.

2. Find a trap

Finding a trap is a big issue. Always go to the government authorities first because they give the traps for free and the traps are also bog enough to catch them. If they are not available then there are some rental centers in the city where you get them after paying some nominal charges. Government traps are more advisable because they are big and secondly sometimes they even haul off the pest for your convenience in a particular area.

3. Use proper bait

Opossums are very smart. So you really have to use your brains while traping them. Not only proper traps are required but also proper bait is needed to trap them. They love the pet’s food. So any leftover of your pet can be used as bait. Food like raw cucumber, tomatoes, corns, grapes, melons, pumpkins, banana, pear and apple can be used as bait.

4. Look for holes

Opossums have the tendency of staying in holes. So if you find any one of those in your house try to seal it with something hard. And is the same is missing you can create a “house” for them made up of cotton wood and once it enters into it, seal the same.

Thus with the help of above steps you can get rid of opossums.