How To Get Rid of Parasites

By Subodh / July 18, 2009

Parasites are something about which everyone is aware but nobody wants to discuss about it. There are human parasites present in this world and it is said that one in every six people have one or more human parasites. Everyone is aware about the huge parasite problem in United States but the sad part is it is never identified on time. In short this infection can happen to anyone anywhere.

Reasons for spreading of parasites

Parasitic infection is spreading among humans at a faster pace. There can be several reasons for it. Some of them are as below:

1. Need to travel internationally

The modern way of parasitic infection getting transmitted is due to Aero planes. Because of this modern gadget it has become easy for humans to travel in any part of the world and also for the parasites to travel from one place to other with great speed. Thus for instance if someone is travelling from United States with the infection to some other country he is becoming the medium of transmission from native country to foreign country.

2. Sexual contact and thus spreading AIDS

Everyone wants to have “some sexual contact since the age of 16. Due to increase in so called “sexual revolution” parasites like Trichomonas, amoebae and giardia are transmitting infection like wildfire.

3. Rising demand for junk food

Nowadays people have no time and energy to cook food. That’s why there is increase in demand for packed food. They might be sometime sold in the market where the flies are extensive and are not covered properly. This is mostly the case during rainy season. Sometimes they are also not cooked properly.

Some common symptoms for parasitic infection are severe fatigue, gastrointestinal problem, digestive problem, arthritis, skin disease and restlessness. Knowing the type of parasites is important for you as well as by the doctors and accordingly it should be diagnosed. Below are some ways of how you can get rid of them.

1. Protect your children first

Children are mostly exposed to the parasites first that is because they tend to put anything in their hands into their mouth including their dirty fingers. Secondly they go to school where in they share their lunch box, toys, pencils and so on. Some of them have pets at home about which they are very fond of. But they hardly wash their hands after playing with them. Thus you should take proper care of them and call your doctor to deworm your child from infection.

2. Use herbs

Many elders and doctors advise that herbs can act as an effective and easy way to get rid of parasitic infection. They are Black Walnut Hulls, Thyme, Fennel, Garlic, Pumpkin Seeds, Cloves, Goldenseal and Grape Seed Extract.

3. Keep yourself clean from inside

Use proper soap before and after going to bathroom. If you are having constipation problem drink a hot cup of water every morning to help you clear your bowels. Thus by doing bowel cleansing you can get rid of bad bacteria within a week.