How To Get Rid of Powder Post Beetles

Powder post beetle also known as wood boring beetle is the one which bores into the wood. They are harmful s they destroy your wooden furniture like cabinets, drawers, chairs, flooring and even your walls. Getting rid of these beetles is a difficult task. You have to undergo various processes. You need to find out the places where they can hide. However here are certain ways to get rid of them:

Prevention is better than cure: prevention is the most important ways to get rid of these beetles. Powder post beetles enter your homes either through flooring or through furniture’s. They enter your homes because your homes have got wooden material which they like. They stay in either finished wood products or in lumber. The infestation caused by these beetles originalmainly come due to making use of old lumbers or furniture which have got powder post beetle holes in them. Such type of lumber should be thrown immediately as there are chances that theses beetles will again infest that areas. Powder post beetles will avoid only those woods which are painted. So paint all the wood stuffs in your house and see to it that the process is finished. If you leave even a small part unfinished that the chances of beetles attracting to it are quiet very high. Also clean the substance before applying the finishing product because the pest will definitely reinfect the whole article.

Using insecticides to treat surfaces: Insect sprays are useful in killing most of the pests. Mixture of laundry soap and water can act as a substitute to these. Along with these beetles it may also be used to kill termites and cockroaches. Use insecticide on the parts that are newly finished. Spray the insecticide on affected areas. It is better to use insecticide which consists of borate in it. This is because it kills the beetles by entering inside the wood. Borate is more useful with unfinished product. You can even use borate on floors which are infected by powder post beetles but make sure that the finish is completely removed before using it.

Replace wood: infestations may be localized in the sense that it consists of only few holes in a sheet of paneling or a board. This is easy because if you see the hole all you need to do is replace the sheet of paneling or the board. Once you see holes being in adjacent spots, you will have to take additional action.

Controlling moisture is a must: one example of powder post beetle is anobiids. It requires moisturized environment to survive. You will find it difficult to get rid of these beetles as they keep coming back. One of the ways to get rid of these beetles is to decrease moisture in the woods through ventilation. The control of moisture in your house is difficult for a common man to do. So you may take the help of an expert in this field.

Thus the above ways will help you get rid of these beetles.