How To Get Rid of Rabbits

Rabbits are cute creatures but the only way to get away from them might be to move away to an apartment building in a big city but if that is not an option for you, then there are other options for you to try.

Rabbit-Proof Fencing

Rabbits like to eat the vegetables and other types of vegetation that you may have in your garden. They like to chew on bark as well, which means that there are a number of routes to take with the protection of your garden. There are the actual fences, repellents, distractions, vegetation guards and the repellents that you can try, aside from the shooting of the rabbit if that is legal. For the more humane approach, let’s start with the fence.

You can make the fence yourself with 36 inch chicken wire of the appropriate length. Place wooden or metal stakes every four feet along the fence and create a gateway that cannot be hopped through by the furry creature. You can get further instruction from your local hardware store. Of course if you have problems with other creatures such as deer, you will need a taller and sturdier fence.


While you can try the electrified fence on these cute critters, you can opt for the less hurtful repellents. These substances are made to smell like odors that rabbits hate so that they stay away from the area. Many times garlic is used as well as lavender. They don’t like catnip either so you can plant a bit of catnip on the perimeter of your garden to keep them away. Foxglove and monkshood is also effective because rabbits know they are toxic to them but these plants are not so great if you have children. Camphor can be used albeit not recommended.

Dogs can be considered a repellent so if you have a dog or would like one and you have a problem with rabbits, then this could be a good option. The only issue is that when the dog goes in, the rabbits come out.


In the case that you are thinking about using humane traps, you should first find out if they are legal in your area. This has to do with what you are going to do with the rabbit after you have it. Not everyone has the idea to letting them go in a better place and would rather have a trophy. This being said, for those who want to let them live, you can bait the trap with some lettuce and other such things. These creatures do have large appetites though so be careful of where you place them because your neighbors may not want to deal with them instead of you.