How To Get Rid of Spider Bites

By Subodh / July 22, 2009

We have seen so many horror movies on spiders during or childhood days that is because spiders are considered to be the most dangerous and scary creature. It is not only because of its ugly appearance but also because of its venomous bites. Not all of them have the feature of venom but yes there are a few of them who follow it. The effects of spider bite vary depending upon the species and the amount of venom that they have infused in you. It can be simple itching and swelling for few days or can also result in hospitalization for breathing difficultly and diarrhea.

Some spiders like the wolf spider, hobo and black widow can be really dangerous as their bites are very painful. Spider food consists of insects like ants, flies and bees. Spiders generally don’t bite but if someone tries to attack them then they may use their venom to protect themselves. They also use it to catch their prey and once they go dead he can easily have it.

Below are some ways of dealing with spider bites

1. Catch hold of them

Treatment of every spider bite is different so doctors would always advise you to catch hold of him as you may not know about its species. You may use glass, bowl or a jar to catch it. Make sure that he goes to the bottom of the container to avoid his escape. Show it to the doctor and accordingly he shall deal with you.

2. Apply cold compress

Never try to wash the wound with water because it would start spreading the venom at a faster pace. Instead make use of the cold compress on the infected area. Immediately seek doctors attention if you are still not feeling well. They may start with some anti venom treatment.

3. Use insecticides

The easiest way to avoid spider bites is by spraying insecticide whenever you see them. Make sure that you are wearing gloves while spraying it as it can be dangerous. Also the clothing should be thick to avoid the bites. Chemical or Organic insecticide either of them can be used depending upon the species.

4. Get rid of insects

Spiders only feed on insects. So if they are at your home they would always be welcome. Getting rid of ants, flies and bees are the primary step to get rid of spiders. So keep your house clean by storing food at proper place and keeping the garbage bin clean regularly.

5. Keep the outside surrounding clean

Cleanliness should not only be inside your house but should also be outside. Make sure that the trees are trimmed regularly and their branches don’t enter your window. Garbage bins are cleared regularly. There is no debris around as they feed on them as well. If it’s not possible to do it daily should be done once in a week.

Thus with the help of above steps one can get rid of spider bites.