How To Get Rid of Squirrels

By Subodh / July 23, 2009

Everyone loves the little creature who is none other but the sweet squirrel. You can almost find her anywhere, in any climate and especially in the morning roaming around your house. If you have the habit of keeping food outside and not storing it at proper place you can be at danger since they love munching food. Not necessary they love food or fruits but they can feed on any damn thing. They also tend to eat the furniture creating nuisance for everyone. They love hanging around cables and tend to destroy them. Thus they can cause lot of troubles if proper care is not taken. They generally create holes and thereby keep entering your house.

They normally start building nests during winter and early summer season. Their kittens can vary in numbers say from one to eight and they normally feed them till two months. They generally love eating hard fruits but if they are not available they also have barks of trees and shrubs.

Here are some simple ways to get rid of squirrels:-

1. Locate the entrance

The first and foremost step is to locate the place from where these devils enter. If you found any hole then try to seal it with some hard wood or cover it with cement. If they try to come in from some cable lines then try to put 2 foot piece of PVC pipe which will ensure that their footing is destabilized. However before executing it consult it with your cable guy.

2. Trim the trees

If you are nature lover and love your house surrounded with woods then it’s the right time to trim your trees. Try to keep a distance of minimum 18 to 20 feet because the squirrels can’t jump so long. Unless they are not those flying squirrels your home is safe.

3. Keep your home clean

The best and the easy step to get rid of them is to keep your home clean. If there is nothing for them at your place they would never enter your home. Try to keep the food trays clean specially the fruits tray and fallen seeds as whatever is left in the tray the squirrels enjoy it the most. Also keep your garbage bin clean as it’s the best place for them to party.

4. Trap them

If nothing works then the easiest way to get rid is to buy a trap. There are variety of traps available in the market but choose them as per your budget and need. The famous among them is Havarat Live Trap. You can use any type of food to lure them but they love peanut butter the most. You can apply it on a piece of bread and keep it in the trap. Once they are caught you can easily throw them out of your house.

5. Squirrel Repellents

You can use squirrel repellents to get rid of them. They need to be applied on the food they feed on. But read the instructions as they are sometimes effective and sometimes not.